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Hail the King Chapter 783.1

Chapter 783: The Genius Who Was Cursed (Part One)

A delicious dinner was already placed on the dining table on the right side of the tent, and the aromatic smell of food permeated the air.

Fei could tell that this boy was starving, and that his lips were dry. Although the king told this little guy to start eating before he left the tent to deal with other things, this boy held back his hunger and endured the smell of food. This little detail showed the quality of this boy, and this might be one reason why Fei liked him.

“Come and eat some food.” Fei helped Dessler to the dining table before getting him a cup of milk and a bowl of soup. Then, the king laughed and said, “If you don’t mind, can you tell me about the things that happened on this island? I want to know when you and those villagers settled on this island.”

Dessler grabbed this cup of hot milk tightly and drank it in silence. Then, he licked the milk off his lips.

After drinking the milk, it seemed like he got more energetic and recovered some vitality. His pale face even turned a little red.

He said, “Thank you, Honorable Master. My name is Dessler, Buenos-Dessler. I was born on this island…”

“My name is Dessler, Buenos-Dessler.

For as long as I can remember, I have been living on this island that everyone around me calls [Blood Crime].

From the descriptions that others around me gave me, [Blood Crime] is a safe paradise. It is beautiful like the heavens. We can escape from the tragedy that was lurking above the heads of my people.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to see this island which is beautiful in others’ words. I don’t know what the white beach looks like, I don’t know what Uncle Belletti who took care of me looks like, and I don’t know what my future wife, who was selected from the 60 girls on the island, looks like. Is she really that beautiful, gentle, and lovely as my friends said?

I was born blind.

Ever since I was born, I was destined to live my life in the darkness.

If I’m only blind, then the curse isn’t that powerful. I would have other options.

However, I later learned that my physique is useless. My body was tested when I was one year old, and it turned out that I’m useless. Even ordinary people have some energy channels inside their bodies so that they could cultivate warrior energy or magic energy. However, my body is stuffed; the energy channels in my body are blocked.

It means that I’m not only a blind person; I’m also unable to become a powerful master.

The gods are too cruel to me.

If I was born at any other place, I would have been abandoned in the wilderness and fed the beasts before I could learn how to speak.

The only fortunate thing for me is that I got the honorable family name of Buenos as soon as I was born.

I’m the only descendant of Buenos who was the hero of humans in legends.

I’m also the family head of the island of [Blood Crime] from birth.

My father died in a fierce battle before everyone moved to this island, and I heard that my mother died due to the difficulty in giving birth to me during delivery. The roughly 2,000 people on the island were the servants and retinues of the Buenos Family and their descendants, including Uncle Belletti.

They were all the most honorable and loyal warriors, seniors, and friends.

As a useless person, I was showered in their love and care.

I can tell that the love and care were genuine; they weren’t fake and didn’t come from pity.

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