Chapter 783: The Genius Who Was Cursed (Part Two)

Everyone on the island cared for me and tried to satisfy all my requests. Also, Uncle Belletti tried many methods and sacrificed a lot to help me unblock those energy channels so that I can cultivate and become a master… but all attempts failed.

I was once very desperate and depressed.

I used ten years to calm myself down and accept the curse that was placed upon me by the gods.

Then, I used fours years to understand the world around me.

In my 14 years of being alive, those were the only two things that I completed. Perhaps it would only take others one year or half a year to do.

Gradually, I was able to sense the joy that others couldn’t, and I was able to discover things that others couldn’t find. Now, I can capture those brief moments of light that would flash in my world of darkness.

Everyone said that I’m a sage. They said that if I wasn’t born with this physique, I might have been able to become someone important.

Their tones were filled with pity and sympathy.

They found the most beautiful, most intelligent, and most talented girl on the island to be my fiancée. When I get to 18 years old, I would be able to marry her, and I will soon have kids afterward. I will pass down the bloodline of the Buenos Family and shatter the dark clouds that are above everyone’s head.

Am I only a poor soul who can’t do anything but pass down the bloodline?

I don’t think that way.

These are all my obligations, my missions, and my honors… These are the greatest things that I, a useless person, can achieve in my life. The people around me poured their lives and the lives of their descendants on me for the Buenos Family which is almost buried in history.

Why should I be greedy?

Why should I be demanding for more?

I’m satisfied.

However, it seems like the curse on me never stops.

Tragedy struck again.

Before sunset, demons that never appeared before crawled onto the beautiful beaches from the sea and attacked the village. My seniors and friends died in the hands of the demons, and Uncle Belletti who was powerful couldn’t defeat these demons. Therefore, he had to ditch the others with tears in his eyes and help me escape with the strongest warriors in the village.

In the end, the demons caught up.

We were in a desperate situation.

I couldn’t see it, but I was able to sense Uncle Belletti’s anger and sadness.

Do the gods really hate the Buenos Family? Or are they scared of me? Why did they place such a powerful curse on me? Are they trying to exterminate the Buenos Bloodline?

At that critical moment, an unparalleled figure descended from the sky like a battle god.

He killed the demons and saved me…”

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Fei listened carefully as Dessler told his life story in a calm tone, and he looked at this boy in pity and sympathy.

Dessler was only a boy who was 14 years old. He had been through a lot, and his state of mind was beyond the level of many adults. Most of the people in the world couldn’t endure so much and still have a smile on their face. This boy’s character was beyond unwavering.

If he could cultivate, he would reach a high-level!

His story was too pitiful.

“Let me check the energy channels in your body. Perhaps I can fix your problem and give you the opportunity to cultivate.” Fei wanted to help this boy, so he started the test. After placing his fingers on Dessler’s wrist, a streak of golden energy entered the boy’s body, inspecting his condition.

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