Chapter 784: The Third Type of Energy (Part One)

After hearing Fei’s words, Dessler’s body shook a little.

It was clear that Fei’s words touched the deepest desire that was hidden in his heart.

In this cold and cruel world which was ruled by the laws of the jungle, everyone wanted to get powerful and change their fate, especially Dessler who witnessed how the vicious Sea Tribe killed his loved ones. His desire for power was never this strong!

Fei’s dominating presence today left a shocking and inerasable impression in this blind boy’s mind, making he almost worship Fei like a god.

Dessler thought, “Perhaps a powerful master like him is able to solve my problem of not being able to cultivate, right?”

After sensing that streak of warm energy entering his body from Fei’s finger, Dessler’s hope was heightened.

Soon, he was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this streak of warm energy started to move throughout his body. It started from his arm, and it traveled to his shoulders, chest, waist, back, thighs, and lower legs.

It went through his body for several cycles and made his weak body feel very warm inside.

This sensation made Dessler have even more hope!

Uncle Belletti used this method multiple times in the past, trying to unblock the energy channels that were tightly contracted together inside Dessler’s body. However, the warm energies were only able to get to his shoulder and couldn’t progress any further. Also, those experiences for Dessler were also painful. Dessler felt like someone was poking his body with iron needles mercilessly, trying to tear his body apart.

However, it was very different this time; Dessler sensed no pain.

This warm sensation traveled through his body in cycles as if it were about to open a gate that was sealed for a long time, making Dessler sense an energy that he never experienced before. This boy felt like his thin and weak body was about to get stronger.

After a while, Fei moved his finger from Dessler’s wrist.

The boy could still sense that energy inside his body, but he could also tell that it was disappearing fast.

“I can’t do it.”

Fei shook his head. Although he didn’t want to tell this cruel reality to Dessler, he decided to be honest with this boy.

“The energy channels inside your body are smaller and more fragile compared with ordinary people. Also, you hadn’t cultivated all these years, making them wither even more. They had lost their vitality and flexibility. Even if I open your energy channels by force, they still can’t be used by you when my energy leaves your body.”

Dessler froze instantly, and an indescribable sadness overtook his soul.

“It is still impossible? Even this powerful master in front of me can’t do it. Could this be… my fate?” he thought to himself as his body shivered violently.

However, he quickly recovered his calmness in a short time, even shorter than Fei’s estimation.

He no longer seemed desperate, and a calm and peaceful aura surrounded him. In addition, the smile on his face couldn’t be faked.

Fei nodded in satisfaction.

This was the form that he hoped this boy was in. After enduring the pain and suffering for 14 years non-stop, this boy’s spiritual world was already on another level; it was close to the realm of sage.

After a short pause, Fei said, “Although you can’t cultivate warrior energy or magic energy, perhaps there is another path that you can take.”

“Another path? Another path to get powerful?” Dessler froze again.

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