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Hail the King Chapter 784.2

Chapter 784: The Third Type of Energy (Part Two)

“Eh. Most people know that warrior energy cultivation or magic energy cultivation is required for one to become a powerful master. Warrior energy and magic energy are the two types of energies that could control the natural elements in the world. Most of the famous heroes and influential figures in history were either warriors or mages. However, only a tiny fraction of people know that there is a third type of energy in the world! If you can cultivate it to a high-level, it is mighty as well! It isn’t inferior to warrior energy and magic energy!”

“The third type of energy? What is that?”

“Spirit energy!”

After hearing Fei’s words, Dessler lowered his head and pondered for a while. Soon, he understood Fei’s intentions and looked up with a smile, saying, “Sir, you mean that I can cultivate spirit energy? My withered energy channels wouldn’t affect it?”

Fei nodded with a smile and replied, “That is right. The cultivation of spirit energy is very different from the cultivation of warrior energy and magic energy. Also, innate talent and body composition don’t limit it.”

“You will teach me, right?”

“Of course. Although the cultivation of spirit energy is always a secret between masters, and only very few people know about it, I have obtained a powerful secret technique. If you are interested, I can teach it to you. I have a feeling that you are very talented at cultivating spirit energy!” Fei thought about a powerful spirit energy technique in that mysterious purple scroll which was fitting for Dessler to study.

“Sir, I want to learn it! Please teach me!” Dessler stood up from the chair and single-kneeled in front of Fei.

“Ok. Since you are interested, then listen carefully. I’m going to tell you what spirit energy is, how to cultivate spirit energy, and then that secret technique. Then, I will help you sense spirit energy and see its power…” Fei started to teach this boy who was thirsty for knowledge based on the information that he got from the mysterious purple scroll. He was patient and went over the confusing concepts many times.

It was clear that this boy who had never seen real lights in his life knew that this was his last chance.

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Therefore, he listened carefully, lowered his head, and pondered before asking questions.

It took exactly two hours for Fei to teach everything he knew about spirit energy to this boy.

Dessler was a smart kid. When Fei finished speaking, he already completely understood what spirit energy was and how to cultivate spirit energy.

“Then, carefully sense this. This is the spirit energy…” Fei moved his mind, and a powerful yet invisible energy rushed out of his head and surrounded this weak boy, slowly lifting him into the air.

Dessler’s mouth opened wide.

He sensed that mystic energy around him which was slowly entering his body. He was enjoying this process greedily and trying to remember every single detail.

It was a mystical experience.

At this moment, Dessler honestly felt like a gate which had been closed for many years with dust on it was slowly opening in front of him.

Finally, a thick streak of energy rushed out of his mind as if a dam were broken.

Like a water reservoir that had been accumulating water for tens of millions of years had its gate broken open, the energy that was rushing out was unstoppable and thrilling!

Dessler was feeling so good that he almost moaned.

Fei had already pulled back his spirit energy, but Dessler was still floating in the air.

“Damn it! I thought that this kid is talented at cultivating spirit energy, but who knew that he is a super rare genius among geniuses!” Fei thought to himself with an extremely shocked expression on his face.

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