Chapter 785: Breaking the Cocoon and Turning into A Butterfly (Part One)

In terms of spirit energy cultivation, Dessler was a rare genius.

This was his first-time encountering spirit energy, but he instantly grasped this type of energy which was even foreign to experienced warriors and mages.

When Fei demonstrated his spirit energy, he quietly planted a seed in Dessler’s head. He was hoping that after this blind boy started cultivating spirit energy, the latter would one day reach a certain level and activate this seed, obtaining a significant growth in spirit energy and becoming a powerful master.

However, to Fei’s surprise, Dessler sensed the existence of this seed after a few minutes and activated it quickly.

Right now, Fei completely retracted all his spirit energy and just watched.

Dessler’s body was still floating in the air, and the spirit energy that was around him started to grow at a shocking speed.

Level 3…

Level 9…

Level 15…

Level 25…

Level 40…

Level 75…

Level 110…

This rapid increase was shocking for Fei to witness. Even when Fei tried his best and increased his spirit energy by using the techniques recorded on that mysterious purple scroll and passing through those high-level magic arrays outside of St. Petersburg, his improvement speed was still inferior to Dessler’s right now. In a sense, Dessler’s spirit energy growth was beyond the realm of mortals!

“This kid… is a monster!”

Fei gradually calmed down from the initial shock. Then, he started to analyze why this was happening.

This blind boy had been hit with misfortunes since he was born. Just like what he said, he used ten years to calm himself down and accept his fate, and he spent four years to observe the world around him with his heart. He only did those two things in 14 years.

However, those two things were the basic foundations for cultivating spirit energy.

Since Dessler couldn’t see the world around him, he wasn’t fooled or allured by the lights and fanciness in the world. Also, the pains that he suffered through tempered his mind and made his spiritual world very pure.

In fact, for all these years, Dessler had been cultivating spirit energy using the most primitive, most natural, and purest way. However, since he lacked a technique to utilize and move his spirit energy, he couldn’t do anything.

Fei only provided him with the tools that could help him control and use his spirit energy.

Then, everything else went smoothly.

It was that simple.

Level 150…

Level 180…

Level 220…

Level 260…

It was clear that Dessler was in a mystical enlightened state. An invisible energy surrounded him and reflected the lights in the tent. The thin strands of spirit energy floated around him and slowly formed a cocoon, wrapping him inside.

This was an opportunity for Dessler to break the cocoon and achieve rebirth! Strands of terrifying power started to move outward, and the strength of the spirit energy also continued to climb at an impressive speed.


Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

Invisible energy waves instantly spread outward.

Finally, the King’s Tent expanded under this power and exploded. The shattered cloth and broken iron poles flew in all directions quickly, and they drew many bright sparks in the sky while grinding against air.

This sudden change shocked everyone else in the campsite.

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