Chapter 786: Being Pushed Down (Part One)

Everyone in the campsite welcomed Dessler when he joined them, especially the hundreds of university students.

Under the lead of Louise, [Little Witch], the university students took some time and held a small celebration for Dessler. Since they were in the same age group, and they all had been through some rough times, these kids quickly became friends. They blended together well, and cheers and laughter sounded in the campsite.

The only thing that the university students couldn’t accept right away was that Dessler’s strength had increased so much in a short time. Right now, if this blind boy wanted to, he could easily turn rocks and tempered iron swords into powder under his powerful spirit energy. His power was truly insane.

However, since Dessler had stayed on the [Blood Crime] Island forever, he didn’t know anything about the outside world, and he was pure like a piece of white paper. Therefore, these university students were able to feel better about themselves since they were more experienced.

Under the arrangement of the [Little Witch], the university students laughed and told their new friend about the things that were happening around the Continent, hoping that the latter could know more about what was going on. Especially when it involved the heroic and legendary stories of the king, the university students all tried to tell Dessler about Fei.

These stories made Dessler’s blood boil.

For the first time, this boy learned that the powerful figure who gave him a second chance at life was such a legendary person who was almost capable of anything in the world.

Fei was glad to see this lively scene.

It was much easier for people in the same age group to have fun.

After experiencing the pain of losing everyone he knew, taking care of him and comforting Dessler meticulously might be harmful toward this really smart boy. Only laughter and acceptance from the people in his age group could make this thin yet resilient boy quickly forget about the pain and integrate into his new home, Chambord.

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The Sun shined on the island.

After one night of careful planning and setting up, the campsites of the troops of Chambord were created.

Under the sunshine, shocking metallic glares replaced the green grass, white beach, and giant mountains.

All kinds of metal structures were put together by the soldiers of Chambord, forming the defense mechanisms. After they were placed in the appropriate locations, the bylaw enforcement officers of Chambord who were dressed in bright armor traveled between them.

The dense yet light magic sensation permeated the air, and more than 50 second-generation [Dragon Slayer] crossbows were situated around the campsites. The arrows that could easily kill Moon-Class Elites were already loaded, and they could take out all enemies who ventured into this territory.

The military equipment and facilities at Chambord were influenced by the ideas and concepts that the king brought from his previous life on Earth.

The Chambord Kingdom now had its own underground standardized manufacturing plant. Although its scale and capacity were limited, it was enough for the demand of a small kingdom like Chambord. All the weapons and magic items were designed by the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory or Chambord’s Civil and Military University, and they were tested and confirmed before the blueprints were given to the manufacturing plant for mass production.

The weapons that were designed under the influence of the modern world were powerful, easy to operate, and simple to repair. The well-trained bylaw enforcement officers could use the components of three to four destroyed items to create a new weapon in a short time.

This was the first time that Chambord’s modern campsites were showcased.

Fei was very proud, and he felt like the word ‘impregnable’ was perfect for describing the current setup.

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