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Hail the King Chapter 787.1

Chapter 787: Meeting of the Two Royals (1) (Part One)

[This is a 2-in-1 chapter, so it will be divided into four parts.]

Since they hadn’t seen each other for more than half a month, their love for each other exploded. Also, they were technically still in their honeymoon, so they wanted each other badly.

Angela was usually very bashful and pure. Like clear water, her smile was enough to cleanse others’ souls.

When she was alone with Fei, she was also very passive and gentle like a rabbit, and she would blush very easily. She was the typical pure and naïve girl.

However, once she was stimulated, she would enter another state and become very active and alluring, turning from a shy rabbit into an alluring, sexy goddess who would absorb Fei’s attention. This was something that Fei didn’t understand.

When Angela was in this state, she was way too much for Fei to handle. In fact, she didn’t need to do anything extreme. One glance from her was enough to ignite Fei’s desire and make him fall.

Right now, it was clear that Angela was sexually aroused after not seeing Fei for more than ten days.

Her smooth and warm hands that looked like they were made from jade lightly slid down from Fei’s shoulder, and his white robe was opened, revealing the king’s strong muscles.

Then, Angela lifted her blue dress with affection in her eyes and sat on Fei’s waist. By leaning forward, her smooth and fragrant long hair fell from her neck like the waterfall, and the tip of her hair landed on Fei’s face.

Fortunately, the King’s Tent was 100% soundproof. Otherwise, that series of dreamy and alluring moans which could excite all men would be resonating in the sky.

This wasn’t Fei’s first-time with Angela. However, he always felt like it was their first-time when they were doing it.

Also, Fei was extremely relaxed and satisfied when they did it since the queen was servicing the king most of the time.

The pure goddess who was gentle and shy would drop all her guard at this moment, turning into a passionate cloud of flames. As she sat on Fei, her perfect body that looked like it was carved out of jade turned light-pink due to her arousal.

As her body heated up, she rode Fei like a female cavalier and moaned loudly.

She swayed her waist aggressively like the waves, and her long black hair covered those two pink dots in front of her. Her full chest was moving around, and the two half-spherical ‘jugs’ were so beautiful that they seemed unreal. As Angela moved up and down and moaned, Fei felt like both his eyes and ears were pleased to the maximum.

As Fei looked at how Angela was lightly biting her red lower lip with her pearl-white teeth as that expression full of pleasure and some pain appeared on her face, he felt like he was about to explode. That part of his body was in a warm and wet environment, and the suction force that a Sun-Class Lord couldn’t even resist was about to suck away his soul.

It was erotic in the tent.

In the next moment, Fei suddenly sat up, grabbed onto Angela’s beautiful, bouncy chest, and turned around, pressing down this beautiful girl who had been riding him. As he was about to violently…

At this moment, earth-shaking noises sounded outside the tent as if hundreds of thousands of horses were running at the same time or as if tsunamis appeared.

It was so loud that it penetrated the magic tent.

The ground was shaking, and the island was crying as if it were about to sink to the bottom of the ocean.

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