Chapter 788: The Meeting of Two Royals (2) (Part One)

Sensing that cold stare coming from afar, Fei sneered provokingly and reached out his right hand. As his right hand grasped the thin air, a huge mysterious-looking bow appeared.

This bow was close to two meters long, and ordinary archers wouldn’t be able to use it. Its body was black, and the bowstring was light-silver. As a chilling metal glare flashed on its body, it gave off a suppressive sensation. It was clear that this was a rare hard bow, and ordinary masters wouldn’t be able to lift it, let alone to pull it open and shoot with it.

Fei raised this giant bow with his right arm and pointed out the fingers on his left hand, and a cloud of golden energy flames appeared and turned into a giant golden arrow that was more than two meters tall. Even though it was made from energy, it had a solid texture to it.

The tip of the arrow was aimed at that princess of the Sea Tribe who was in the golden armor.

“Damn it! You made such a loud noise and almost made me unable to shoot my load! Now, I’m going to shoot at your face!” Fei thought angrily and viciously.

Whoosh! As soon as his left hand relaxed, that golden arrow disappeared from the bow.

At the same time, this giant bow in Fei’s hand couldn’t bear this terrifying force anymore, breaking in half before shattering into pieces.

Fei got this bow in Diablo World last night. However, even this legendary magic weapon couldn’t contain Fei’s insane barbaric strength, and it broke after shooting out one arrow.

That giant golden arrow far surpassed the sonic speed, and it instantly dashed through the sky and passed through the darkness, turning into a dash of golden light and flying toward that proud woman who was holding the golden trident.

All the high-level members of the Sea Tribe who were on that ship couldn’t react in time.

A surge of blue energy waves appeared, forming a powerful magic energy sphere around this ancient bronze ship. Even though it wanted to block this powerful arrow, it was shattered in less than a hundredth of a second.

The speed and power of that golden arrow weren’t reduced, and it still flew toward the forehead of that woman.

The masters of the Sea Tribe around her looked anxious and wanted to block it for her, but there wasn’t enough time.

At this moment, that pair of purple eyes behind the golden mask didn’t even blink. As she snorted, that golden trident in her hand was moved slowly.

It appeared extremely slow as if lovers were playing with each other’s hair, looking very gentle and graceful.

However, only the real masters knew that this strike was so fast that it looked slow.

Containing the power of the laws of nature, the golden trident left many afterimages in the air in front of this princess, fooling everyone’s eyes.

Before the clear afterimages could disappear, loud booming noises sounded.

The giant golden arrow landed on the golden trident.

Terrifying energy waves appeared, and the ancient, rusty bronze battleship started to shake violently. The masters who were around this haughty princess of the Sea Tribe were thrown off the ship, falling into the seawater. Then, a cloud of bright, golden energy flames appeared on the battleship.

As if another sun appeared, the bright lights forced everyone to close their eyes. At this moment, the darkness in the world was pushed away, and it seemed like it was daytime again!

“Despicable and pitiful human, are you testing the patience of the great Sea God and trying to get him angry?” A chilly voice sounded clearly by everyone’s ear. This voice was so cold that it sounded like this entity had lived in the deep sea for tens of thousands of years without seeing the Sun.

This was the ancient language that was used in the Mythical Era, and it was quite foreign to the people in this era. Therefore, only a few people were able to understand what this woman meant.

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