Chapter 789: The Meeting of Two Royals (3) (Part One)

Judgment Light of the Sea God, the technique that this princess of the Sea Tribe just used, was her most powerful strike! Even though it looked like this princess did it with ease, that was all the power that she could unleash after waking up from the long sleep. She wanted to use it to destroy that [Demonic Human] and crush the morale of the humans who were on the island, but her opponent easily dismantled it. This was something that this princess didn’t anticipate.

“Honorable Sea God! After thousands of years of sleep, is my power reduced to this level? I can’t even defeat a Sun-Class Lord human…” Although the delicate golden mask covered her face, it was clear that this princess was rattled. She looked at that figure who was wearing the demonic armor and holding the giant hammer, looking like the rebirth of a battle god. Then, she sighed lightly as her long purple hair slowly fell back down.

As a golden light flashed, she returned onto that ancient bronze battleship.

“Since this is the case, then we will use our countless low-level warriors to drag out the battle and deplete these dirty humans!” She no longer wanted to fight.

As the ruler of the Sea Tribe at [Sea of Fragrance], her status was supreme. Since she was born, humans were like dirty and weak animals in her eyes. She wasn’t able to kill her opponent with one strike right now, so she felt like it was meaningless to continue the battle. If she battled with Fei, she felt like it would be adding to the honor of this human. In her mind, even though his opponent was powerful, he was just a stronger animal, still no match for her.

After she lightly waved the golden trident, a prestigious golden energy spread outward in all directions.

As if the gods were calling, the black sea instantly started to rumble, and giant waves surged up.

Like a giant kettle of boiling water, the sea got violent, and hoarse roars sounded as the members of the Sea Tribe charged out of the ocean and dashed at [Blood Crime] Island fearlessly.

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-On the other side-

Fei was quite surprised.

Although it looked like he shattered that light beam easily, only Fei knew how dangerous it was.

Hidden in that golden light beam, there was a power beyond the realm of Sun-Class. In fact, it was beyond the realm of mortal and was close to the power of the gods! It was bizarre and terrifying.

If Fei didn’t have [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] which was indestructible, he might be killed by that light beam, let alone blocking it.

Right now, Fei’s hands that were on this war hammer were shivering lightly, and the veins in his hands and arms were bulging. In fact, his blood even burst some blood vessels, making his arms look red even though there was no external injury.

This princess of the Sea Tribe was the most terrifying opponent that Fei had ever met after hundreds if not thousands of battles. She almost killed him with one strike.

It was important to note that Fei had been trying his best to level up in Diablo World. Right now, he was already a Hell Mode level 41 Barbarian, which was a massive jump from before. If it were a few days ago, Fei wouldn’t be able to handle that light beam.

“Are all the royals of the Sea Tribe this powerful?” Fei thought.

After thinking back to the information that he gathered from the memories of those two shark warriors, Fei’s mood tanked.

[Sea of Fragrance] was only an inland sea. If the members of the Sea Tribe outside the Azeroth Continent in the real oceans woke up from their deep sleep, they could probably wipe out all the humans on the continent and devour them as food!

As a golden energy flame flashed by, all the injuries that Fei experienced disappeared. Fei unleashed all his barbaric power, wanting to battle this princess of the Sea Tribe for good.

However, when he looked up, he saw his opponent returning to her ancient bronze battleship, having no intention of battling him.

Fei was stunned. As thousands of thoughts appeared in his head, he didn’t chase.

“Princess Wharton of [Sea of Fragrance] is a coward?”

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