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Hail the King Chapter 789.2

Chapter 789: The Meeting of Two Royals (3) (Part Two)

Seeing the low-level members of the Sea Tribe rushing out of the ocean, Fei instantly understood his opponent’s intention. However, it fit his plan as well.

Therefore, he put away his [Immortal King] item set and enveloped [Blood Crime] Island and himself in his golden energy flames. Then, he stared at the ancient bronze ship that his opponent stayed on and provoked, trying to test this royal of the Sea Tribe’s limit.

“Dirty human! You are inferior to a beast! You don’t deserve to battle our princess!”

“Hahaha! You know nothing! Since ancient times, humans are inferior to all the other races! All other races used humans in old times, and humans couldn’t even control their own lives. In fact, demon beasts had higher status than humans! Humans could reproduce easily and were only good workers. You are lower than a slave! You want to battle our great princess? Ridiculous!”

“Hehehehe, poor bug, you know nothing. Our supreme Sea Tribe finally broke through the darkness and reappeared in this world. We are going to kill all the humans and finish what we were doing thousands of years ago. We won’t just dominate this world; we will exterminate humans!”

Hearing Fei’s provocation, the masters of the Sea Tribe who were on the ancient bronze battleships all cussed. Their words were filled with disdain.

Fei could tell that they weren’t pretending; it was a sense of superiority that was deep in their bones. They were angry just like how a holy dragon would react after being disrespected by a dog.

The Sea Tribe never saw humans as threats.

Suddenly, Fei started laughing as he pointed at the sky, “You guys are the ignorant ones! Open your eyes and take a good look at this world! In my eyes, you are just a bunch of poor souls who climbed out of your tombs! Thousands of years passed, and the era where other races enslaved the humans is gone. Right now, the entire world is ruled by humans! Now, how dare you say things like dominating the world! Haha! You are like a bunch of rotten corpses that are trying to stay alive. If you keep on acting arrogantly, you will be crushed!”

Fei’s voice was empowered by his golden energy flames, and it overpowered all other noises in the area, sounding like the angry roar of a god.

What he said shocked and angered the high-level members of the Sea Tribe.

That princess of the Sea Tribe at [Sea of Fragrance] was obviously affected by Fei’s words. Her figure in the golden armor shivered a little, and purple lights dashed out of her eyes. However, she thought of something and suppressed her anger. As a golden light flashed by, she disappeared.

Then, the ancient bronze battleships sunk into the water and disappeared as well.

The battle continued.

The corpses and the blood of the Sea Tribe continued to stack on [Blood Crime] Island.

When the golden sun raised above the sky the next day morning, the battle was still not finished. Millions of the low-level members of the Sea Tribe continued to dash out of the water and charged at the campsites of Chambord on the island non-stop.

Right now, almost all the 2,000 bylaw enforcement officers had participated in the battle.

The powerful weapons, durable armor, advanced strategies, scientific shifts, and mighty protection from the king made the bylaw enforcement officers who were nervous in the beginning get used to this. They got more and more proficient in their coordination and obtained a lot of experience. They got fearless, and their morale skyrocketed, helping them to quickly transform from rookies to iron soldiers who had been through a lot!

When the sunshine landed on them, only sharp lights could be seen from their eyes.

Even though they were a bit fatigued due to the continuous battle, they were perseverant.

They stood at their positions like spears and swords that had just been sharpened on the grinding stone, and bright lights shined on them. As if they were hungry beasts, natural yet fierce murderous spirits could be felt from them. It was quite shocking to people who had never battled in wars before.

This was the result of going through a real war, and it was what Fei wanted to see.

As loud bugles sounded, the four long-distance teleportation arrays lit up, and more than 2,000 new soldiers walked onto the island in formations. They were going to replace their comrades who had battled all night and experience the same transformation.

According to Fei’s plan, if this battle could last for several days, then all the soldiers of Chambord would be able to transform.

Everything was going according to the king’s plan.

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  1. Wyxir

    Fei might as well have Limited Future Sight as an ability at this point! Thanks for the chapters!!

  2. Ltbeefy

    So they disparage humans and say they only useful cause they bred fast. But the ses people breed like guppies sooo they just insulting themselves as they only win due to numbers

  3. pipipopopopo

    “When the golden sun raised above the sky the next day morning, the battle was still not finished. Millions of the low-level members of the Sea Tribe continued to dash out of the water and charged at the campsites of Chambord”
    millions, Are you sure ?
    I don’t think even the entirety of the 10k or 20k soldiers of Chambord can stop millions of normal humans rushing with weapons let alone 2k changing turns , plus it’s the sea tribe here so….

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