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Hail the King Chapter 790.1

Chapter 790: The Meeting of Two Royals (4) (Part One)

In the next six days, the attack of the Sea Tribe never stopped.

Just like how waves slapped the black reefs on the island, the soldiers of the Sea Tribe continued to charge at the campsites of Chambord and never took a break.

From the beach to the campsites of Chambord was a piece of land which was about 2,000 meters long. Right now, there were more than 100,000 corpses of the low-level members of the Sea Tribe on it.

Under the strong sunlight, these corpses started to dry up and rot. A stinky, bad fish smell permeated the air.

However, the campsites of Chambord stood there like reefs that could last eternities and didn’t move.

Under the sunshine, the campsites that seemed metallic stood there like mountains, making the Sea Tribe feel desperate.

They paid the hefty price, but they couldn’t even break a single checkpoint in front of the campsites of Chambord.

In the last six days, Chambord used a lot of war resources, but it somehow maintained a miraculous zero casualty count. Only 73 people were severely injured, but they had already recovered under the advanced magic healing system of Chambord.

In six days, the 20,000 bylaw enforcement officers had all taken turns and participated in the war.

These loyal warriors of Chambord experienced real battle and were washed in blood, transforming from rookies into veterans.

Without exaggeration, the military power of Chambord had increased by five folds in these six days! Fei was confident that the bylaw enforcement officers could battle the enemies in the southern region of Zenit and wipe out the Ten-Empire United Troops.

The university students were all future commanders and important civil and military officials of Chambord, and they obtained a lot from this war as well. Outside of participating in the battle, they even took on some responsibilities of commanding the teams. The university students of Chambord who were in different majors worked together and used their strengths, quickly growing up and getting experienced.

Blind Dessler was the person who was worth mentioning. His spirit energy increase was beyond Fei’s imagination.

After solidifying his realm at Eight-Star, his spirit energy continued to climb like a rocket. When he joined the battle on the fourth day, he finally broke through peak Nine-Star and became a New Moon Elite, the most talented Moon-Class Elite of Chambord who had a limitless future. At the same time, Fei taught him two spirit energy techniques, [Crystal Wall] and [Spinning Star Dust].

Since there was already the rule in Chambord where the people who advanced into the Moon-Class first would obtain a Golden Saint Mountain, even though Dessler joined Chambord the latest, he successfully reached the Moon-Class Realm and got one of the 12 Golden Saint Mountains, becoming the Gold Saint of Aries.

Such a miraculous event was very rare!

After experiencing all that struggling and pain in life, this blind boy finally shined brightly in this world.

The entire Chambord Kingdom benefited greatly from this strange war.

A sage had said in the past that wars could destroy everything but were also the greatest catalysts to push humans forward.

This sentence held especially true at this moment.

In the last six days, except for monitoring the battle and dealing with the sneak-attack of some masters of the Sea Tribe, the king was working hard in the King’s Tent. He entered Diablo World and tried to increase his strength in the shortest amount of time possible.

On the morning of the seventh day, Fei finally passed the second map, [Lut Gholein], in Hell Mode. He killed the Boss, Duriel, in [Tal Rasha’s Tomb] and successfully leveled up to Hell Mode level 43.

The only thing that disappointed Fei was Boss Duriel not giving him the components of the [Immortal King] item set. Instead, he only got some legendary golden items, but they were still better than nothing.

However, Elena’s luck was better than Fei’s. She got the [M’avina’s Tenet – Sharkskin Belt] which was a part of the [M’avina’s Battle Hymn] item set.

Right now, the Valkyrie was at Hell Mode level 34, which was equivalent to level 4 low-tier Rising Sun Realm in the real world. Such elevation speed would be shocking in the real world. If those two elders of the Shiye Shrine of the Northern Regional Church appeared in front of Elena, they would be instantly killed by two arrows.

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