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Hail the King Chapter 790.2

Chapter 790: The Meeting of Two Royals (4) (Part Two)

The only weakness Elena had was that she didn’t have a Sun Anomaly.

Fei guessed that it was because Elena was from Diablo World and not from the real world. She couldn’t obtain and understand the laws of nature and construct her own Sun Anomaly. There were probably barriers between the Diablo World and the real world, which were hard to break.

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On the afternoon of the seventh day, the battle was still continuing since the Sea Tribe wasn’t giving up.

Right now, Fei no longer wanted to continue this practice for the military of Chambord.

The soldiers of Chambord had been trained already, and the university students also got their experience. It was time to finish this war that was impossible to end on its own.

When the night came, the 200 university students and 2,000 bylaw enforcement officers who were still on the island began to retreat to Chambord using the long-distance teleportation arrays according to plan.

Everything happened smoothly like a machine with high precision was moving. In less than half an hour, the campsites became empty except for Fei and a few gold saints.

Outside the campsites, the Fist Spiritual Spatial Seals that Fei left in the sky continued to kill and shattered the low-level members of the Sea Tribe who were trying to break through.

“Your Majesty, this guy is really tough, and I wasn’t able to get anything useful.” Flatterer Oleg who had been interrogating this giant whale warrior in the last few days came over and said in low spirits. He finally encountered a tough character, and he failed at displaying his skills.

For this Half Moon Elite of the Sea Tribe, ordinary interrogation methods and tactics weren’t useful anymore.

The viciousness and perseverance of the members of the Sea Tribe were beyond Fei’s estimation.

This race was indeed terrifying.

“Since this is the case, then it is of no use to us.”

Fei waved his hand and pulled over this giant whale warrior who was half-dead from the interrogation. The king’s vast amount of spirit energy instantly rushed into this giant whale warrior’s head, reading its memory.

This captive was more powerful than those two shark warriors and had higher status. Therefore, it knew a lot more as well. After a while, Fei let go of his hand and nodded in satisfaction.

After that process, this giant whale warrior’s brain was damaged, and it no longer had its consciousness.

“Ok, put this creature with the other Sea Tribe specimens and send them to Mr. Cain and Ms. Akara’s laboratory.” Fei showed no mercy toward the Sea Tribe.

This race was the nemesis of humans since they treated humans as food. There was no negotiation room between the two.

After Fei explained things to Torres and others, the warriors of Chambord left with the last bit of resources, the close to 100 captives of Leon, and the new Gold Saint Dessler.

Finally, only Fei and King Buckingham of Leon who was blindfolded were standing in the old campsite.

Right now, all the defensive mechanisms, tents, and protections were disassembled and taken away, and only one long-distance teleportation array was flashing.

Fei walked over, stopped its operation, and dissembled it into more than a dozen components before putting them into his storage ring.

Then, he waved his finger and removed the seals in Buckingham’s body.

This master of Leon finally recovered his strength.

“You…” Buckingham looked at Fei in shock. In the last few days, he had been imprisoned inside a tent which blocked all noises and energy fluctuations, and he didn’t know what was happening.

Therefore, when Fei removed the lock on his body, he was quite surprised.

“Try to survive first,” Fei said as he pointed at the soldiers of the Sea Tribe who were charging over like a black flood.

Buckingham’s face instantly changed color.

At this moment, something unexpected happened.

Suddenly, a roar sounded from the depth of the sea, and it caused a giant wave which was more than 100 meters tall to rush toward this [Blood Crime] Island.

Both Fei and Buckingham sensed that a terrifying power appeared in the depth of the sea. It seemed like a demon was resurrected, and the terrifying energy surges dashed in all directions, making people shiver in fear.

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