Chapter 791: The Meeting of Two Royals (5) (Part One)

Buckingham’s expression instantly paled.

The soldiers of the Sea Tribe who were rushing over shocked him to his core, and this terrifying power that suddenly appeared also made him shiver. That violent and destructive force was overbearing, and it was clear that it didn’t belong to an entity who was kind and orderly.

As a high-level noble of Leon, he knew what it meant to the living creatures on land if such an entity were alive.

“What is that?” Buckingham asked Fei as he tried to mobilize his warrior energy in his body and get his body used to his power which was gone for a while, “King of Chambord, tell me what happened in these few days!”

Fei completely ignored him.

“Huh? According to the memories of the three masters of the Sea Tribe, this vicious god could only break through the seal in about half a year. Why is he waking up so soon?” Fei murmured to himself as he looked at the center of the sea which was about 50 kilometers away. On the dark ocean surface, a blackish-red energy was gushing out of the sea like a beam that connected to the sky, standing in the world strangely.

Now, Fei already realized what was happening, and his expression looked serious.

“What is going on? King of Chambord? Where are the 184 warriors of Leon?” Buckingham looked around the campsite and realized that only he and Fei were still here.

After he instantly thought of one possibility, he got stirred up as he shouted, “You killed them? You killed them and sacrificed them to the vicious Sea Tribe? You are a damn butcher. You damn devil… You…”

“Enough!” Fei shouted impatiently and cut him off, “What, Mr. Buckingham? You are starting to care about the lives of those captives? Not long ago, weren’t you trying to kill them along with me in this vast sea?”

Buckingham was instantly at a loss for words.

That was right. About eight days ago when the Sea Tribe first appeared, Buckingham got a crazy plan in his mind. He was going to borrow the blades of the Sea Tribe to kill the King of Chambord, the Imperial Martial Saint of Zenit. This way, he could kill a powerful enemy of Leon silently.

Therefore, he was willing to sacrifice the lives of his soldiers as well as his own life to achieve that goal.

On the way, he used his persuasive power and military status to convince those hundreds of captives of Leon. That was how he was able to make [Brilliance] go off track, heading toward the center of the [Sea of Fragrance] instead of the Leon Empire. He thought that he had done this without the detection of the Chambordians, and that was why the ship encountered more and more members of the Sea Tribe.

In the beginning, everything was happening according to Buckingham’s plan; more and more masters of the Sea Tribe appeared.

In the end, even a powerful master like the King of Chambord couldn’t protect the entire [Brilliance], and the people on the ship had a hard time surviving.

However, the appearance of [Blood Crime] Island ruined Buckingham’s plan.

Buckingham was greatly disappointed, and he broke one side of [Brilliance] sneakily and tossed most of the food and drinkable water into the ocean, wanting to cause disruptions to Fei and the other Chambordians. This way, the Sea Tribe would have the upper hand and kill all of them who were on the ship.

Unfortunately for Buckingham, red-haired Louise discovered the strangeness when [Brilliance] docked at [Blood Crime], and he and the other captives of Leon were locked up into a tent which was isolated from the outside world. What happened after was out of his control.

Every day, he was praying to the gods and hoping that the vicious members of the Sea Tribe could break through the defense-line of Chambord and kill all the Chambordians, his men, and himself. This was the most effective way of getting rid of a big enemy for Leon.

He thought that Fei didn’t know any of this.

Now that Fei pointed it out, he knew that the King of Chambord saw through his plan from the beginning.

This made him feel embarrassed, and he didn’t know what to say.

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