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Hail the King Chapter 792.1

Chapter 792: The Meeting of Two Royals (6) (Part One)

Within an area of 30-kilometer-radius, the entire ocean now turned grey. A grey vapor that was filled with deathly sensations came out of the sea and connected with the sky, and the center of the ocean that had a radius of about 1,000 meters was being sucked down by a mysterious force, creating a vortex that was at least 1,000 meters deep.

At the very center of the vortex, a grey energy beam was shooting out. This energy was supreme and filled with bloodiness and violence, and it dashed into the sky and tore the dark clouds, piercing directly into the dark sky. No one knew where the other end of this energy beam connected to.

The air was chilly; it was freezing.

However, it seemed like the seawater in the area was being evaporated by high temperature. Within the area, grey vapor was everywhere. Then, thunders rumbled while lightning bolts flashed across the sky.

After a lot of noises, heavy rain started to pour down from the sky.

With this giant vortex as the center, no members of the Sea Tribe could be seen within 20 kilometers.

It seemed like this vicious race was also scared by this destructive energy, escaping from the area as quickly as they could.

“God… this; this is a power that mortals can’t have!”

King Buckingham of Leon was a calculative and experienced person, but he turned ashen-faced at this moment when seeing this scene. Although he wasn’t a Sun-Class Lord yet, he was a royal of the Leon Empire, and he had a lot of knowledge. Therefore, he instantly realized what kind of power this was. Even though he was persistence and brave, he felt a chilliness, and he wanted to turn around and flee instinctively.

“This is too fast. The Sea Tribe must have used another method!” Fei thought as a thin golden energy sphere appeared around him, blocking all the raindrops half a meter away from his body. He organized all the information that he obtained from the memories of those three masters of the Sea Tribe, and his expression darkened even more.

“What is this? King of Chambord, you know, right? You have to know what this is, right?” Seeing Fei’s serious expression, Buckingham asked loudly as thunders rumbled and lightning bolts flashed in the sky.

“If I tell you that this is a vicious god of the Sea Tribe, would you believe me? Haha!” Fei laughed as he looked at Buckingham.

He continued to chuckle, but he said in all seriousness, “Ok, Leonian, don’t stay here anymore; leave before this vicious god comes to life. Go back to the Leon Empire and tell your emperor that the Sea Tribe reappeared, and so did their vicious god! The wars between humans are no longer meaningful. If the Leon Empire doesn’t want to become the first empire that will be exterminated by the Sea Tribe, it should stop fighting with empires like Zenit. We need to come together and figure out a way to battle these vicious creatures!”

All kinds of expressions appeared on Buckingham’s face, and he didn’t know what to say.

He sensed the thick sensation of death from this energy beam, and he knew that Fei wasn’t lying.

The entity with such an evil and murderous aura must be a god-like figure who loved killing. Also, since this entity was a god of the Sea Tribe, then it must be a powerful enemy of humans. The Leon Empire was very close to the [Sea of Fragrance], and it would suffer a lot of damage if it weren’t prepared for the attack of the Sea Tribe and their vicious god.

After some thinking, Buckingham felt cold inside.

He was sure of one thing; the humans couldn’t stop this force.

At least no one at the Leon Empire could stop this force which could destroy the world.

Suddenly, a series of thunders rumbled, waking Buckingham up from his deep and messy thoughts.

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