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Hail the King Chapter 792.2

Chapter 792: The Meeting of Two Royals (6) (Part Two)

Just as he was about to turn around and escape, he suddenly looked at Fei and asked, “What about you? Aren’t you escaping as well?”

“I can escape and hide for now, but I can’t do that forever,” Fei said calmly.

Under the light of the lightning flashes, Buckingham suddenly felt like his opponent who made him and the entire Leon Empire shiver gave him a strange sense of security.

Right now, he felt like Fei’s eyes were as bright as the stars, and a unique charisma was being emitted. Like two black holes, Fei’s eyes were able to devour anything in the world.

At this moment, Buckingham who was haughty and conceited even when Fei captured him felt like he was inferior for the first time in his life.


With golden energy flames around him, Fei dashed down toward the center of that terrifying vortex rapidly. The friction between his energy flames and the air created a lot of sparks.

Buckingham was shocked as he thought, “Is this madman trying to commit suicide?”

However, in the next moment, he suddenly understood the King of Chambord’s intent, and he was stunned once again.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t turn around and escape. Instead, he gritted his teeth and followed Fei again, dashing into the giant vortex that looked like the enormous mouth of a vicious prehistoric beast.

He didn’t know why he made such a decision. Perhaps, he just wasn’t willing to accept the fact that the King of Chambord was better than him.

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As if a meteor crashed down into the ocean, giant waves that were more than hundreds of meters tall appeared.

In the next second, Fei already dived into the ocean and got down more than 1,000 meters.

Then, another noise sounded behind Fei.

“An interesting Leonian,” the king thought. Before he dived into the ocean, he knew that Buckingham didn’t escape and instead followed him.

However, the king didn’t pay attention to this Leonian. Instead, he observed his surroundings.

It was pitch-black inside the ocean, and it felt like someone spilled ink into the water. Also, the seawater was spinning with the vortex, making Fei feel like he was inside a laundry machine.

The terrifying spinning force disrupted the old environment. Even though colorful lights were flashing in the water, Fei couldn’t tell what they were.

However, with Fei’s eyesight, he was able to see 1,000 meters around him.

The cause of the vortex was that grey energy beam. It was shot up from the bottom of the sea, and it contained a strange power.

It was stirring the seawater crazily as if it wanted to crush everything in the sea before starting over again.

Fei decided on a direction and dashed toward the depths of the sea without hesitation, moving closer to the source of the grey energy beam.

His speed in the water was greatly reduced.

As Fei got deeper into the ocean, the spinning force seemed to have decreased, but that grey energy beam got brighter, and the sensation coming off it was also more intense.

Even Fei didn’t dare to get too close to the energy beam. He stayed about 500 meters away from it and continued to dive deeper.

It seemed like this ocean was bottomless.

After half an hour, the water pressure increased dramatically. Fei looked around and couldn’t see anything; he felt like he was in the void.

He couldn’t tell how deep this ocean was, and he wasn’t able to sense the existence of any creatures.

“A small inland sea is already this deep. Then, how deep are the real oceans outside of the Azeroth Continent in the legends?” Fei thought to himself and was shocked.

After another half hour, Fei had dived deeper than 20,000 meters. Gradually, he vaguely saw the seabed and some structures on it. It seemed like he had reached the bottom.

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  1. Netzach

    This author is a big ignorant of laws of physics… There is nothing credible ! xD Yeah, i know it’s a magical world, but no matter what, talking about millions kilometers for a distance on earth is utterly insane!

    • Mevin

      It’s a different world many times larger then earth :/ if you think of it as a different planet hundreds of times larger then earth it’s completely reasonable

    • DIfferent world,different laws of physics…and also imagine earth being the size of the sun…or much bigger stars…its quite possible that a “lake” was that deep

  2. Gaurav Shekhawat

    Double the marina trench ??

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