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Hail the King Chapter 793.1

Chapter 793: The Meeting of Two Royals (7) (Part One)

Fei didn’t dare to be arrogant. After all, the sea was the territory of the Sea Tribe, and this race that was recorded in history books had many masters. They had occupied the sea for tens of millions of years, and it was hard to tell what kind of powerful trump cards they had at the bottom of the ocean. If he weren’t careful, he might be trapped and killed.

Therefore, the king got very serious, and his spirit energy radiated outward like waves. After everything around him was detected, and he didn’t discover anything strange, he descended more and slowly landed on the seabed.

It was indeed the seabed.

When Fei took a good look, the landscape here was quite flashy. There weren’t any giant hills, and the chilly whiteness extended into the darkness in the distance. However, when Fei took a more detailed observation, he realized that this was supposed to be a dense underwater fossilized forest.

White fossilized trees were everywhere, connecting with each other since their branches had grown into one another. Compared with the ordinary trees on land, these fossilized trees didn’t have leaves, and mystical patterns were on the empty branches.

Each of these fossilized trees was at least ten meters tall, and they had many branches.

However, since they already fossilized, they weren’t moving at all in the water, and they looked like corpses that had been at the bottom of the sea for many years.

At the moment, Fei was standing on the fossilized branch of a thick tree.

When he reached the bottom of the sea, he felt like it was no longer that dark. The chilly white bodies of these fossilized trees emitted faint white lights. The lights weren’t eye-piercing, but they were quite significant when hundreds of thousands of fossilized trees connected.

Like moonlight, they illuminated the seabed softly, making it look stunning.

Since Fei was now tens of thousands of meters deep in the ocean, the water pressure was insane.

Buckingham who had followed him tightly with gritted teeth was feeling this water pressure more, and big sweat drops appeared on his forehead.

As he unleashed his warrior energy, a red energy sphere appeared around him and protected him. However, he was cultivating fire-elemental warrior energy, and its effectiveness was greatly reduced in this vast ocean. His strength was almost reaching low-tier Full Moon, but he was like a mid-tier Half Moon Warrior in the sea. If he dived deeper for about 5,000 meters, he wouldn’t be able to last.

“Leonian, if you don’t want to die, go back. If a fight occurs later, I won’t have the energy to save you.” Fei glanced at Buckingham and said calmly.

Even though it was well-intentioned, it sounded vicious and mean coming from Fei’s mouth.

Buckingham blushed, and he opened his mouth, wanting to say something.

However, without sparing another glance at him, Fei decided on a direction and dashed forward by stepping on the branches of these fossilized trees, quickly approaching that grey energy beam which was shooting into the sky.

He could only get close to that vicious god of the Sea Tribe who was waking up by approaching this grey energy beam, and he could potentially do something.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! King of Chambord, I know what you want to do, but you won’t succeed. Even if a god isn’t completely awakened yet, we mortals couldn’t deal with it.” Buckingham followed Fei tightly as he shouted, “You will fail going alone! We should find more masters and unite. Perhaps we can attack this vicious god together or prolong this seal.”

Fei completely ignored Buckingham and didn’t even slow down.

The closer they were to that grey energy beam, the more vicious and evil the energy sensation became.

The only thing was that the water calmed down in this region, and there was no longer that powerful spinning force.

Everything was as calm as a windless summer night, and no members of the Sea Tribe could be seen. However, Fei and Buckingham felt like they were walking in hell and traveling through a sea of blood and corpses.

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