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Hail the King Chapter 793.2

Chapter 793: The Meeting of Two Royals (7) (Part Two)

If ordinary masters were here, this evil and violent energy which permeated the water would have killed them and sucked away their souls. This intense water pressure wasn’t even needed.

“This madman…” Buckingham was angry that Fei completely ignored him.

However, he could only follow Fei and continue moving forward as well while gritting his teeth.

He was a haughty and smart individual. Seeing how Fei reacted, he knew that it was impossible for him to convince this young warrior to back off. In fact, he also knew that his suggestion didn’t make any sense. From the increase in this evil and demonic energy in such a short time, he knew that there wasn’t enough time for humans. Before the human masters could gather, this vicious god of the Sea Tribe probably would already finish waking up, and he would be able to step out of the sea.

By then, the vicious god of the Sea Tribe would have already recovered his strength, and he would devour many lives, destroying the few empires around the [Sea of Fragrance]. If that happened, the land that was within thousands of kilometers of the coastline would be full of corpses, and humans in the area would go extinct.

This god of the Sea Tribe was an evil and vicious entity.

In ancient legends, the battles between gods and demons were able to destroy the world, and they were destructive. Those vicious and demonic gods ate all other races as food, and they could devour tens of millions of lives in one day. No one could stop them.

However, as the Mythical Era came to an end, the real gods and demons hadn’t appeared on the continent for thousands of years.

Some people made bold assumptions and said that the gods and demons killed each other, depleting the power of each force. In fact, some of the priests in the Holy Church didn’t believe in the gods and the holy land; they spoke of the gods and acted devotedly because they wanted to make what they were doing seem righteous.

At this moment, Buckingham still felt like it was unbelievable.

“There is a vicious god of the Sea Tribe who is alive at the bottom of this sea? Didn’t people say that all the gods were gone? Such a terrifying entity is really about to appear in the world,” Buckingham thought to himself. He didn’t know if others would believe him if he told them about what happened, but he wouldn’t believe this if he didn’t see this with his own eyes.

Therefore, he gritted his teeth and followed the King of Chambord. At this moment, he had unimaginable confidence in this No.1 Enemy of the Leon Empire. He didn’t even realize this consciously.

“Perhaps this madman can do it,” Buckingham thought as he gritted his teeth more.

He was a decisive person. At this moment, he would stand with the side that he believed was right.

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Fei stopped when he felt like he was really close to that grey energy beam.

Before him was a deep and wide valley. In fact, it could be more accurately described as an abyss.

Black energy was slowly rising from this abyss, and it looked like black flames were burning here. Like an opening to hell, it was suffocating to look at. Fei felt like an immeasurable amount of danger was hiding in here.

After hearing the light noises behind him, Fei frowned but ended up taking out a few items from his storage ring and tossing them at Buckingham with golden energy flames wrapped around them.

Buckingham was surprised at first, and he reached out his hand to catch them subconsciously. When he looked down, he realized they were a set of magic armor with dense fire elements around it, a fire-elemental magic spear, a red sword, and a few crystal bottles that were several-thumbs-thick; it seemed like they contained high-level healing potions.

Buckingham was thrilled as he understood Fei’s intentions.

Without hesitating, he put the armor on his body, placed the sword on his belt, held onto the spear, and stored the potions in his storage ring.

These items were all fire-elemental and suited his fire-elemental warrior energy, helping him improve his strength.

Just as he was feeling heroic and about to thank Fei, he looked up and saw the King of Chambord leaping into the abyss.

Buckingham murmured a complaint and followed suit without hesitation.

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