Chapter 795: The Meeting of Two Royals (9) (Part One)

While that giant master of the Sea Tribe shouted in his hoarse voice, eye-piercing blue lights flashed around him as if he wanted to fight back.

However, it was useless as his opponent’s powerful golden energy flames had already enveloped him.

Boom! He lost consciousness, and his world turned black.

Others observed all of this, and it made their hearts stop beating for a second. This scene was way too shocking for them! This visual made them lose the ability to talk or think.

It was hard to imagine that one punch from the [Murderous God of Humans] was enough to explode a Sun-Class Lord of the Sea Tribe!

No wonder the Sea Tribe gave Fei this nickname!

It was an instant-kill!

That giant body was turned into a cloud of blood mist, and none of his arms were intact. His muscles, bones, armor, and weapons were all turned into the smallest particles. Even if gods descended from heaven, they couldn’t bring this Sun-Class Lord of the Sea Tribe back to life.

When the other three Sun-Class Lords wanted to help, it was already too late.

Boom! Boom!!!!!

Now, the loud explosive noises finally sounded, and all the water within the 1,000-meter radius was pushed out by the force within Fei’s punch. The thousands of high-level members of the Sea Tribe, the collapsed palaces, ancient god statues, and city walls were all crashed by the energy waves, and the golden energy waves continued to expand in all directions while opening deep and dark cracks in the seabed. It felt like the entire ocean was about to be penetrated by this strike.

Buckingham opened his mouth wide, so wide that his mouth was almost torn.

His mind blanked out, and he suddenly felt like the intelligence which he was proud of wasn’t enough to process this information.

“What? How? Why is the King of Chambord suddenly this powerful? How many days passed? Is this real?” Buckingham thought to himself. Only a little over ten days ago, the King of Chambord and this giant master of the Sea Tribe were evenly matched; he saw it with his own eyes. But today, the King of Chambord easily killed his opponent!

“What? Instantly killing a Sun-Class Lord? AHHHH! It isn’t as simple as killing an ant! Unless the difference in strengths between the two parties is giant, this isn’t possible!… What happened? Did the King of Chambord hide his strength before? Or did he achieve another breakthrough?” he pondered even more.

“Hahahaha! Whoever dares to stop me will die!”

After instantly destroying his opponent, Fei dashed toward that grey energy beam rapidly like a bolt of lightning.

“Damn it!”

“Stop him!”

The other three Sun-Class Lords of the Sea Tribe were terrified.

They were woken up from their shock by Fei’s shout, and they couldn’t even think about other things at this moment. They instantly unleashed their full strength and chased after Fei.

They knew what was happening behind them, and they couldn’t allow this [Murderous God of Humans] to get close to the [Revival Altar] and disrupt Mr. Kluivert’s awakening process. The awakening of that demonic god was crucial to the long-term plans of the Sea Tribe.

“Haha! Idiots! You are fooled!”

At this moment, Fei who was charging forward suddenly turned around and laughed. Then, his body paused before turning back in an unimaginable speed and angle, attacking those three Sun-Class Lords of the Sea Tribe.


It was another punch!

Without any doubt, one of the three Sun-Class Lords was killed. This giant master from the eel clan was also turned into blood mist. Like an overinflated balloon, he popped instantly without being able to fight back, and his flesh slowly floated down the sea.

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