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Hail the King Chapter 796.1

Chapter 796: The Meeting of Two Royals (10) (Part One)

Even though Fei finished the battle in a few quick seconds, and it looked very easy, the king indeed used a lot of energy.

These four punches were the most powerful strikes that Fei had ever used since he walked onto the path of a warrior.

When he used his first punch to kill that giant master of the Sea Tribe, he benefitted from the impression that he left in his opponent’s mind more than ten days ago. That member of the Sea Tribe still thought that their strengths were on the same level, but Fei had been working hard in Diablo World and leveling up. Although that fight only happened not long ago, Fei’s strength had improved drastically. Since his opponent was a little careless, and Fei was fully prepared, he was able to instantly finish the battle using the barbarian skill – [Bash].

Before he used his second punch, he thought that these Sun-Class Lords of the Sea Tribe stopped him here because they didn’t want him to move forward. By understanding their thoughts, the king pretended that he was going to charge through by force. He distracted his opponents, broke their coordination, and maximized his individual strength. While those three Sun-Class Lords panicked, Fei turned around and punched out, instantly killing the most powerful Sun-Class Lord among the three.

When Fei punched out the third time, the two surviving Sun-Class Lords of the Sea Tribe still looked powerful but were terrified. When battling on this level, any negative emotions would put one to a disadvantageous and passive position. Since neither of the two Sun-Class Lords posed a threat to Fei, the king picked the weakest one and killed him instantly.

After that, the last Sun-Class Lord was shocked to his core, and he no longer dared to fight back. It was very easy for Fei to take care of such an enemy who was fleeing.

Fei used the barbarian skill [Bash] four times, and this skill was very mana-consuming.

After those four punches, Fei used one-fourth of his energy, and his mana dropped by half.

When Fei drank that [Mana Potion], he was slowly recovering, trying to get his body into its peak state.

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If he continued forward, he would enter the place where that demonic god was reviving. Fei didn’t know what to expect.

Even though Fei was used to being overbearing and had many trump cards, he got very nervous.

After all, he would be facing a real god!

From reading the memories of those few members of the Sea Tribe, Fei learned that this branch of the Sea Tribe always wanted to revive Evil God Kluivert whom they worshipped. They wanted to use the power of this evil god to restore the Sea Tribe’s former glory.

However, according to these members of the Sea Tribe, this evil god could only be revived in about half a year. Therefore, Fei was shocked that this evil god was going to wake up after only about two weeks. It seemed like the Sea Tribe used a mysterious method and achieved the unimaginable.

Fei could escape, but he didn’t choose to do that.

Once Evil God Kluivert was revived, all the humans within 500,000 kilometers of the [Sea of Fragrance] would be killed in a short time, becoming this evil god’s food and helping him recover his strength.

If the nest broke, no eggs would be intact. If that happened, the Zenit Empire would be affected right away. Starting from the Byzantine Kingdom, the killing would spread from the southern region of Zenit to St. Petersburg and then to the Chambord Kingdom.

If such a terrifying evil god attacked, even that underground cave behind Chambord City couldn’t block his strikes!

If Fei didn’t take this risk, Chambord would be in great trouble.

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