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Hail the King Chapter 796.2

Chapter 796: The Meeting of Two Royals (10) (Part Two)

Therefore, Fei had to take this risk.

If he could disrupt the Sea Tribe’s plan of reviving this evil god, it would be the best outcome.

If he failed this mission, he would have to rely on the last resort.

Right now, Fei felt like he was a bit crazy as well. He was going to challenge a god as a mortal; it was no different from committing suicide.

The only thing that the king could bet on was that this evil god had been sealed for many years, and his strength probably was close to depletion. During his recovery, he would be significantly weaker, giving Fei a rare opportunity.

However, before he faced off such a god, Fei had to make sure that he was in his best state possible.

When he killed those four Sun-Class Lords, his terrifying golden energy waves spread out and took the lives of more than 4,000 high-level members of the Sea Tribe.

Currently, Fei and Buckingham were surrounded by the members of the Sea Tribe who were enraged but also scared.

However, these members of this vicious race didn’t move forward. They just stood there and watched as the [Murderous God of Humans] slowly got back to his prime and walked toward that bright grey energy beam.

Buckingham followed the king tightly.

After walking for about 1,000 meters, a grand and organized city of the Sea Tribe appeared. A giant blue energy barrier enveloped this city.

Fei had seen this before; the Mythical Palace which was at the seabed of the underground ocean under Dual-Flag City also had such an energy barrier around it, but that one was tougher and contained some godly power!

Through the blue energy barrier, Fei got a good look at this ancient city which had a unique architectural style. He felt like a city from the Mythical Era had traveled through space and time, appearing right in front of him.

The tall and fancy palaces, the smooth and organized streets, the many statues of the Sea God, the mystical water fountains, the colorful plants… Everything seemed so dreamy and beautiful that it made Fei feel like it was a paradise.

“So, this is a city of the Sea Tribe… It is so beautiful!” Buckingham murmured uncontrollably.

That grey energy beam originated from an altar-like structure located in the center of this city, and it pierced through the blue energy barrier and extended outward, releasing the terrifying suppression of a god.

“Guard this gate for me!” Fei looked at Buckingham and said while he pointed at a portal-like structure at the base of the energy barrier.

Then, the king grabbed onto Buckingham’s shoulder, and they instantly appeared in front of the portal.

It was clear that this was the only way in and out of this city.

When Fei moved, the tens of thousands of high-level members of the Sea Tribe finally overcame their fear and chased after Fei and Buckingham like a flood.

Dashes of golden lights shot out of Fei’s body.

The terrifying Fist Spiritual Spatial Seals were placed around this portal, and the high-level members of the Sea Tribe who got close were turned into pieces. However, some of them got through the small slits and charged over.

Fei ignored them and disappeared into the portal.

With his hands grasping the long spear tightly, Buckingham somehow gradually calmed down at this moment. While staring at the high-level members of the Sea Tribe who were charging over, he copied the King of Chambord’s heroic laughter and said, “Come on, b*stards! I will let you know that besides the King of Chambord, there is me, Buckingham!”

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