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Hail the King Chapter 797.1

Chapter 797: The Meeting of Two Royals (11) (Part One)

As soon as Fei entered this city which was inside the energy barrier, he was able to relax right away. The huge water pressure that he was experiencing a moment ago disappeared. There was no water pressure inside this city at all.

The refreshing, moist air rushed toward Fei, making him feel very comfortable. Although holding the breath for a long time wasn’t a challenge for anyone on and above the Moon-Class Realm, Fei still felt better coming into this environment which he was more familiar with.

Like a dash of lightning, Fei charged forward and headed toward that ancient altar in the middle of the city.

Just like those ancient and collapsed structures outside the energy barrier, it seemed like this ancient city was in a similar state. While Fei dashed forward, he was able to spot the signs which suggested that this city was renovated and built on top of the ancient relics by the Sea Tribe after they woke up from their long sleep.

It was empty in the city; no member of the Sea Tribe came to stop him.

Therefore, Fei’s journey was very smooth, and he didn’t face any obstacles.

Soon, Fei arrived before that grey energy beam. This energy beam was shooting out from an altar which was constructed inside a godly palace. This square-shaped godly palace stood on top of 600 stairs, and it seemed like it was on top of a giant mountain, looking particularly majestic and grand.

From the center of the godly palace, the grey energy beam was shooting out and reaching the sky!

On the top stair in front of the gate of the godly palace, that beautiful figure stood there in silence with golden energy flames around her. Her long purple hair fluttered in the air, and she looked down at Fei viciously.

She was the leader of the Sea Tribe at the [Sea of Fragrance].


Suddenly, a dash of golden light shot up from the ground, and a deep hole was left at where Fei was standing; the king attacked without saying a word! The energy fists that were the size of ordinary human fists shot up, but there were many of them. They aimed at this princess’ face and dragged out many long golden tails in the air.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The golden trident drew a beautiful arc in the air, and it created a golden energy sphere, surrounding this woman who had a sexy figure and was wearing the fancy gold mask.

The energy fists landed on the golden energy sphere like meteors, creating a lot of sparks and loud noises.

The princess of the Sea Tribe tried to block Fei’s attack as her body shivered, but she was too weak. The giant force coming from Fei pushed her backward, and her body smashed into several giant stone pillars. She only stopped after backing away for hundreds of meters until she almost leaned onto the square gate of the godly palace!

A streak of golden blood slid down the gold mask and dripped down this princess’ white chin.


Fei flew onto the platform above the stairs and asked with doubt in his eyes, “You became weaker. You are way weaker compared to a few days ago!”

This princess of the Sea Tribe gave Fei a lot of pressure several days ago, forcing him to use [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] to block that ultimate strike from her.

But now, Fei’s test strike already forced this woman to retreat so much. This princess with the gold mask had experienced a huge drop in strength.

This wasn’t because Fei’s strength increased too fast!

To be more accurate, it seemed like her body had aged drastically. The energy in her blood dropped, resulting in the decrease in her strength!

This princess slowly straightened her back and lightly wiped the golden blood off her chin using her left hand. Her fingers were slender and white like jade, and it looked like a bright light was coming off her body. At the same time, her golden blood looked chilling and shocking in contrast.

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  1. Tlaos

    Thanks for the chapter….but come author man, they can’t be savages and be sophisticated with architecture your giving them contrasting descriptions.. I would get if they had beautiful “warrior or savage art” but a water fountain….. You need to break out cliche of wuxia stupidity author man. I love your creativity but it can be temper so much more

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