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Hail the King Chapter 798.1

Chapter 798: The Meeting of Two Royals (12) (Part One)

It was clear that this grand godly palace which was located at the center of this city was used to revive the demonic god.

Also, since that princess of the Sea Tribe tried her best to trap Fei in this palace, the king felt like there might be other mysterious and terrifying entities in here.

Therefore, the king didn’t dare to be reckless. While his body was enveloped in his golden energy flames and well-protected, he slowly moved forward.

There were many giant stone pillars in the palace, and they had spiral patterns on them. These stone pillars were of the same size and same height. Like the trees in a forest, they stood there silently and held up the ceiling of the palace, connecting the smooth floor and the tall roof.

The black stone floor had a mystical yet terrifying light glaring on it, and it was suppressive and gloomy.

Fei observed the floor carefully and realized that it was as smooth as glass. The surface of the floor was cover by a layer of crystal that was one-inch-thick., and there were small red tunnels inside this crystal layer as if they were the blood vessels in a human body. In fact, they were all moving lightly, looking extremely strange!

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Fei unleashed his full strength and summoned all the components of the [Immortal King] item set that he had. His pair of metal battle boots created a series of crisp tapping noises when he walked on the smooth floor, emphasizing the chilliness and loneliness of this place.

Quickly, Fei’s spirit energy spread out like waves to detect the surrounding.

However, Fei’s expression instantly changed.

He suddenly noticed that his spirit energy was greatly suppressed inside this palace. His spirit energy could cover an area of about 6,000 meters around him outside, but it could only reach out about 500 meters inside this palace; it was less than one-tenth of the effectiveness.

Also, the laws of nature regarding time and space were different compared with the outside world and messed up; Fei wasn’t able to tell the directions at all.

At the same time, Fei felt like the sensitivity of his five senses were significantly reduced. The air in this space was thick and evil, making Fei feel like he was inside a stinky swamp that he couldn’t get out of!

All this strangeness made Fei believe that the altar which was waking up that evil god was inside this palace.

With the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] in his hand, Fei slowly proceeded forward with 100% focus.

This scene was somehow reminiscent of when the king moved around in Diablo World alone and faced a terrifying boss at the end.

Gradually, Fei discovered another strange aspect of this palace.

Although this palace looked magnificent from the outside, it was in a square-shape, and each side couldn’t be more than 1,000 meters long. However, Fei had walked for at least 5,000 meters, but he still couldn’t reach the end of the palace. Fei felt like these stone pillars inside the palace seemed endless and formed an illusion array. After all, he wasn’t able to see the end as it was still pitch-black in front of him.

“Spatial magic? Or an illusion array?” Fei thought to himself.

Then, he closed his eyes and tried to use his pure spirit energy to detect his surroundings.

After he walked forward like this for more than ten minutes, the water-flowing sounds that he heard earlier got louder and louder.

Fei stopped moving and opened his eyes.

He saw a small ditch in front of him. Instead of calling it a ditch, it was a narrow channel in the ground that was about one-palm-deep. The edges of this tunnel were smooth, but it was positioned in the crystalized floor in a strange yet chilling way. What was most surprising about it was that a mysterious golden liquid was flowing in the tunnel. Although this streak of golden liquid was thin, it somehow created loud, booming noises as if Fei were standing in front of an ocean.

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