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Hail the King Chapter 798.2

Chapter 798: The Meeting of Two Royals (12) (Part Two)

A shocked expression appeared on Fei’s face. After a short moment of observation, he already figured out what was inside the tunnel.


Golden blood!

“It is the blood from that princess of the Sea Tribe…”

Fei suddenly recalled the golden blood which dripped down from that woman’s face when his Invincible Emperor Fist injured her outside of this godly palace. The sensation and aura of her blood were the same as this golden liquid in the tunnel.

“Could it be that the princess of the Sea Tribe at the [Sea of Fragrance] is crazy enough to release her own blood into this tunnel?” Fei frowned as he continued to ponder.

Then, he squatted down and touched the golden liquid with his finger before smelling it and sensing the energy inside it carefully.

There was a faint energy inside this liquid, and it was of high-level.

As if a light bulb went off in Fei’s head, his furrowed eyebrows suddenly relaxed, and he murmured, “I got it now! So, it is like that! Although this leader of the Sea Tribe at the [Sea of Fragrance] is female, she is terrifying and vicious. She is vicious to others and cruel to herself as well. To speed up the revival of this evil god, she paid such a hefty price!”

The king instantly stood up and followed the tunnel that had the golden blood in it, dashing forward quickly.

As he expected, the end of this maze-like palace appeared after a few minutes.

A bright square-shaped gate appeared at the end of the palace.


Fei dashed through this gate instantly, and it was extremely bright on the other side.

The intense lights made Fei who was used to the darkness squint his eyes, but his mind was ultra-clear. He instantly moved the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] in front of him to protect himself, and his legs exerted force, helping him to dash around and change positions, just in case if terrifying enemies attacked.

After all, there was an evil god who was about to be revived in here.

However, the sneak-attack that Fei was anticipating didn’t appear, and it wasn’t a bloody hell in here.

Instead of mountains of corpses and rivers of blood, Fei heard a series of chirps and smelled an intoxicating fragrance.

As the breeze blew by, it felt warm and not chilly.

Fei opened his eyes slowly and was stunned.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing!

In front of him, there were green grass and vibrant trees. Further away, a few beautiful yellow birds were jumping between trees and singing like little fairies, and some seven-colored baby deer were running around. As a clear river ran through the trees, white splashes appeared from time to time, and a few golden fishes jumped out of the water while wagging their tails.

In the middle of this beautiful scene, a handsome young man who was in a white robe looked at Fei with a smile on his face. His body was burly, and a beautiful yellow bird was standing on his shoulder.

“What… is going on?” Fei was shocked.

“This doesn’t make any f*cking sense!” he thought to himself.

According to all the stories that he read in his previous life, the altar which was reviving that evil god should be behind the gate. Even if there weren’t mountains of corpses, it should at least be gloomy, dangerous, and full of vicissitude. Also, that evil god who was half awakened should attack any strangers crazily, especially humans who were like food to the Sea Tribe!

Therefore, Fei couldn’t understand this paradise-like space in front of him!

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