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Hail the King Chapter 799.1

Chapter 799: Sudden Change (Part One)

No evil and violent energies were coming off this handsome young man in white; he made Fei feel like he was a hermit who had been away in the mountains alone while enjoying nature. While inside this beautiful scenery, he played with the small animals and befriended the vibrant plants. He was celestial and ethereal, making it hard to connect this young man to the evil god who was reviving.

In this entire space, there was no evil and violent aura that could be felt outside that gate. The breeze and fragrance made Fei feel comfortable.

“Little Brother, where are you from? Who are you looking for?” With a gentle smile on his face, this handsome young man in white asked with a mild voice, making others feel intimate toward him.

Fei paused, put away the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher], and calmed down. After glancing around one more time, he scratched his head and said, “Eh, I might be in the wrong place… Oh, who are you? Why are you here?”

“Me?” The young man in white caressed a cute seven-colored deer as a streak of blood suddenly slid down his mouth, dyeing his white robe red.

After a short pause, he suddenly became sad and said, “I’m the No.1 Disciple of Continental Martial Saint Maradona, and I came from the Continental Martial Saint Mountain. My name is Saviola, and I was ordered to come here by my master. Mr. Martial Saint sensed the strangeness in the [Sea of Fragrance], and he ordered me to come here to check it out. However, I fell into the trap of the Sea Tribe and got severely injured. Right now, I’m imprisoned here… Eh, what a shame!”

“Continental Martial Saint Maradona?” Fei gaped as he thought, “This man is like a god on the continent! Different from all the Imperial Martial Saints like me in various empires, the Continental Martial Saint is the most powerful person on the continent! He is like the guardian of Azeroth!  Even the powerful emperors on the continent had to lower their heads and pay respect to this god-like figure. Also, even the arrogant Holy Church doesn’t want to mess with this man.”

On the Azeroth Continent, Continental Martial Saint Maradona was unique and above all. With his invincible strength, he had absolute control in this world that was ruled by the law of the jungle.

Fei had heard many stories regarding the Continental Martial Saint Mountain, and he knew that this legendary figure had many talented disciples who were also powerful masters that traveled the world and handled all kinds of issues. Maradona’s no.1 disciple was named Saviola.

After hearing this, a relieved expression appeared on Fei’s face, and he quickened his steps forward and asked with care, “Mr. Saviola, you are injured? What happened? With your strength, who could injure you in the Sea Tribe?”

More streaks of blood slid down from this young man’s mouth, and he suddenly started to shiver and stagger. After he slowly sat down and tried his best to circulate his warrior energy, he said with shame on his face, “Ordinary members of the Sea Tribe are no match for me. However, there is an evil god of the Sea Tribe sealed in this [Sea of Fragrance]. This evil god is named Kluivert, and he was infamous during the Mythical Era for killing so many creatures. However, these members of the Sea Tribe who had woken up from their sleep used a secret technique and broke the godly seal which was put on him by the Battle God of the Dwarfs. I thought that I was more powerful and didn’t listen to my master’s advice, and I got sneak-attacked…”

After hearing that, all the doubts on Fei’s face disappeared, and he quickly walked over and stood beside this handsome young man in white. He said anxiously, “What should we do? Where is that Evil God Kluivert? How powerful is he? Should I… Let me take you away!”

This young man in white took a good look at Fei, shook his head, and said with a thankful expression, “You are still too weak; we wouldn’t be able to escape the chase of that evil god. If you can heal me up first, I would be able to break this stalemate situation and leave with you!”

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