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Hail the King Chapter 799.2

Chapter 799: Sudden Change (Part Two)

“Ok! Let’s do it!” Fei stood behind this young man in white and started to unleash his golden energy flames. Then, he placed his palms on this young man’s back and said, “I will try to open up the clotted energy channels in your body first. Let’s see if that helps you.”

“Ok, thank you!” the young man in white nodded.

At this moment, Fei didn’t notice that a strange smile appeared on this young man’s face. His right hand that was on his abdomen suddenly had a bright grey light on it, and his expression turned vicious.

Just as this young man in white was about to do something, his expression suddenly changed as he got angry and shocked.

He roared and spat out a mouthful of greyish-golden blood, and his body was sent flying forward like a cannonball, breaking many green trees.

“You… What are you doing?” this young man in white shouted as he quickly retreated.

Fei didn’t speak with a cold smile on his face; he simply dashed forward like a flash of lightning and chased after this young man. Golden light beams shot out of Fei’s fists and all landed on this young man’s body, beating the latter like a sandbag. This young man was sent flying in the air, crashing into many trees and shattering them.

This young man in white didn’t move first, and he was now in a passive situation.

What was surprising was that each punch from Fei was enough to kill a Morning Sun Lord, but this young man in white was able to endure all those. No injuries appeared on his body, let alone getting killed by such terrifying force.

In fact, this young man in white was still roaring and trying to fight back.

As a dark-red energy flame flashed by, the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] appeared in Fei’s hands.


[Leap Attack]!


[Battle Cry]!

The strength of the Hell Mode level 42 Barbarian and the powerful barbarian skills all landed on this young man in white.

The [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] was indeed a god-tier item. Under Fei’s full strength, all kinds of dark-red runes that were engraved on the surface of the hammer came to life. As if life energy were instilled into the hammer, lights shone through the engravings and projected dark-red runes into the surroundings, and they looked like giant tadpoles that were flowing around this war hammer and Fei.

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Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Crisp bone-cracking noises sounded from the young man in white.

The [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] finally broke through the defense of this young man and delivered destructive blows to his body!

Fei had turned into a ferocious battle machine, and the wilderness and violence of a barbarian were completely demonstrated. He was 100% devoted to this battle, and it looked like he was an overloading killing machine. Without hesitation, Fei unleashed all his strength and skills into this young man’s body.

From the way that Fei was beating this young man, it felt like this young man in white had killed Fei’s parents and wives.

In the end, these two people turned into two dashes of lights, one fleeing while the other one was chasing.

Finally, that young man in white had enough.

“Enough, Human!” Inhumane grey lights shot out of this young man’s eyes, and dark-orange cracks appeared on his white arms. An unimaginable power was unleashed from his arms, and he roared and smashed onto the hammerhead of the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher].

“Puff… Eh!” Fei’s body shivered, and he spat out a mouthful of blood before he lost grip of the war hammer. The war hammer dashed away fast and turned into a small dark-red light dot, and Fei was knocked back like a soccer ball that was kicked forcefully.

Fei flew out for more than 1,000 meters and crashed onto the ground, creating a crater that was more than 100 meters deep. After struggling for a bit, he finally crawled out of that hole.

Right now, his arms were bloody, and his white bones were showing under his skin. At the same time, he puked up a lot of blood, and he couldn’t even stand still.

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