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Hail the King Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Miraculous Skill -【Summon】

On the same day that Fei exited the Diablo World, he found out that both Angela and Emma had been invited by Princess Tanasha to her place to hang out again. He felt that this eldest princess of Zenit Empire was quite interesting. She never showed herself in Chambord since her arrival. Even when Fei executed a few cavalries of Zenit and the deputy captain of the Royal Canonization Legion, she didn’t appear or say anything. As the commander of the Royal Canonization Legion, she didn’t ask Fei to meet up with her or voluntarily come to him. As if she was on a vacation, instead of getting ready to formally crown Fei as the king of Chambord, she didn’t mention the canonization at all and instead wanted to get closer to the future queen Angela. She frequently sent her servants to invite Angela to her place to hang out.

Fei didn’t bother to stop here. He wasn’t afraid that the elder princess might take Angela hostage; it was his vague instinct. At least for now, this princess of Zenit’s attitude towards Chambord was safe.

Fei was currently very busy. Extremely busy.

Fei had two short term goals. One was to increase his strength, and the other was to increase Chambord’s strength. He could achieve the first goal by going to the Diablo World, and he could use the 【Hulk Potion】 to achieve his second goal.

The only thing disappointing thing was that Fei’s success rate of finding 【Hulk Potion】 was way too low; it was less than four percent. Also, it was only effective for people who had the required strength. For example, Cech and Brook who were star ranked warriors were able to obtain the strength boost from the potion, but people who were weaker, like the thin and tall mercenary in the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon could benefit from the potion too. However, if an ordinary man like the old handsome Bast took the potion, he would burst into pieces within tens of seconds after taking it. Ordinary people couldn’t handle the pain of the body transformation; it would feel like their internal organs and muscles were being torn apart.

What Fei experienced when he just entered the Diablo World was unprecedented. The so called Ancestors’ Blood Oath of Covenant, the mysterious space inside Akara’s tent and the black altar had never appeared in Fei’s memory about the Diablo Game on Earth. From that point on, everything in the Diablo World seemed to deviate from his prior gaming experience. It even made Fei question whether killing monsters and leveling up in the Diablo World was really a game, or if it was something else with the game as a cover……

Fei was thinking about the three miraculous skills – 【Learn】, 【Give】 and 【Summon】 the whole night.

When Fei acquired the three miraculous skills on the black altar in Diablo World, he didn’t know how to use them right away. In other words, when Fei was embedded in the mysterious white light beam on the altar, except for cleansing his body and increasing his strength and firmness, Fei didn’t have any substantial gains. The cold and mysterious voice only told Fei that he needed to discover the casting method and effects on his own in the future. It would purely depend on his intelligence and luck. He could possibly get them right away, or he might not be able to get them until the end of his life.

“Damn, this irresponsible answer is too crappy.” Fei thought.

After a night and nothing gained, Fei started to question the authenticity of the three miraculous skills; the ancestors of rogue encampment might have put them out to motivate their descendants. However, at dawn of the next day, something miraculous happened – Fei accidentally triggered the miraculous skill 【Summon】- he actually opened up a portal and summon mercenary Frost Archer Elena from the Diablo World into the real world.

He was ecstatic at that moment. Fei was in a complete shock.

It wasn’t only because he triggered 【Summon】, but it was more because…… The sun hadn’t risen yet, so the people in the Diablo World hadn’t gotten up yet. Therefore, when Elena was summoned to him through the portal, she wasn’t wearing much clothing. He had gotten a great view of her body; the round arcs sketched out one out the most beautiful sceneries in the world. With the slightly messy hair and the sleepy expression on her beautiful face, Fei was almost turned to stone and his nose almost started shooting out blood.

Elena on the other side obviously didn’t fully wake up yet and was half-asleep. A few seconds later, the archer beauty finally realized the situation she was in. She screamed and covered up her chests with her arms, stared at Fei “angrily” for a second, and rushed back to the Diablo World before the portal in the King’s Palace could close. After he got himself together from the brief shock from this “peerless beauty”, Fei quickly started to try to remember his actions and words before triggering 【Summon】 again. After tracing back, he eventually skeptically determined one thing – about a few seconds ago, he subconsciously murmured “If only Elena was here, maybe she could help me figure this out……” Then, the miracle occurred. A blue oval portal appeared after a light buzzing noise, similar to when he used a 【Town Portal Scroll】. Then, the almost naked Elena appeared after that.

Fei figured out the key to successfully casting it and excitedly tried several times.

Sure enough, after about twenty seconds, he managed to open the portal and summon Elena from the Diablo World again. Fei was only a bit disappointed because this time Elena was definitely prepared – she was fully dressed and armoured, and travelled through the portal and appeared in front of Fei.

Fei was stoked after this success.

He then tried to summon everyone in the camp including priestess Akara, military leader Kashya and blacksmith Charsi…… however, Fei was surprised to find out that he wasn’t able to summon anyone except for Elena from 【Rogue Encampment】 to the real world. The specific reason was unknown.

After a full day of trial and error, he came to the conclusion – due to some unknown reason, the miraculous skill 【Summon】 was only able to summon Elena, and the process and method of summoning was quite simple – if Fei wanted, he could open up a blue oval portal in mid air and summon Elena from the Diablo World to the real world.

Of course, restrictions applied.

First of all, 【Summon】 was only available under Barbarian Mode. Next, 【Summon】 would consume mana. With the mana of a level 16 Barbarian, Fei could only summon Elena three times. After that, he had to drink a 【Mana Potion】 before summoning her a fourth time.

Like that, an unconscious behaviour by chance had revealed a portion of the thin veil covering the miraculous skill 【Summon】. Fei guessed that 【Summon】 was ranked as a miraculous skill, so it must be able to summon more than just Elena. Logically speaking, people such as Akara and Kashya in the camp could be summoned as well, but for whatever reason, he wasn’t able to do so.

Except for 【Summon】, the other two miraculous skills 【Learn】 and 【Give】 he had acquired on the black altar still had no desire to reveal their inner secrets to him. After Fei spent more than ten days trying to figure them out, he still got nothing out of it. There weren’t any clues, so he didn’t know what to do.

However, Fei didn’t panic.

Being able to summon Elena to the real world was already a pleasant surprise for Fei.

Elena was a level 14 Magic Archer and equal to a three star warrior on Azeroth Continent. To Chambord, this was an addition of a strong master that could easily tilt the balance on the scale of victory. In the Military Exercise half a year from now, because of Elena’s existence, Feicould almost guarantee another win in the six individual competitions. There was about half a year left after all; in this time, Elena’s strength could increase significantly after fighting and leveling up alongside Fei in the Diablo World.

In the next couple days, Fei summoned Elena to Chambord Kingdom. Although there was a time limit of four hours a day, it didn’t stop the beauty mercenary from observing and merging into the real world like an extremely thirsty traveler finding a lake and drinking the water in a desert. In Elena’s eyes, the quiet and beautiful Chambord was no different from the heaven described in the rogue ancestors’ tales. When she stepped into Chambord Kingdom and peaked out the window for the first time, she fell in love with it.

“This is a beautiful paradise……Mr. Fei, if I have to, I’m willing to bleed and die for this land, just like how I fought for 【Rogue Encampment】.” Elena showered in the sunlight of Chambord’s sunset, as she said to Fei with a smile on her face.

Fei nodded.

He felt the same way as Elena; he fell in love and was deeply obsessed with this beautiful and peaceful land.

In the following days, Elena merged into Chambord Kingdom at an astonishing speed.

The only difference was that Elena didn’t show herself to anyone in Chambord except for Fei. Even when she saw the pure, crystal-like girl Angela and knew that she was Fei’s fiancée; she simply suppressed her own sudden dejection and hid herself…… Until about thirty minutes ago, no one knew that a hot magic archer that had the same strength as a three star warrior had appeared in Chambord.

Currently in the King’s Palace, Warden Oleg was the first Chambordian that knew of Elena’s existence. It could even be said that he was the first Azerothian that knew of her existence.

“Although this f*cker is a flatterer and is afraid of death, his luck seems to be better than everyone else’s……” Fei thought about Oleg and felt a bit strange. Fei finally knew why the emperors in the ancient times would use corrupted and eloquent ministers and officers even though they knew their characters……For some reason, Fei felt safer to use “corrupted and eloquent ministers and officers” like Oleg to complete some tasks compared to people like Brook.

Fei sat in the Executive Hall in the King’s Palace for a little while and suddenly remembered that Elena mentioned 【Rogue Encampment】 needing some food suplies. He ordered a guard to gather some winter wheat seeds and put them into his Barbarian’s storage belt. After calculating the time and knowing that it would take a while for Oleg and Elena to get back from the underground maze at the back of Chambord, he dismissed the guards and used some mana to open up a portal in the King’s Palace, and then he stepped into it……

When Fei’s figured disappeared in the blue oval light portal, the entire portal suddenly disappeared; there weren’t any magic fluctuations left in the room. It was like a bursting bubble, leaving no traces behind.

In the next second, Fei arrived at 【Rogue Encampment】 through the portal.

This was the “by-product” of one of three miraculous skills – 【Summon】 when it was first triggered by Fei. If he wanted to enter the Diablo World from that point on, he didn’t have to communicate with the cold and mysterious voice in his head. All he had to do was use some mana and open up a portal to the Diablo World and walk through it. Before, he could only enter the Diablo World with his mind in his sleep and kill monsters to level up, but now he could enter Diablo World with his physical body.

The first thing he did when he entered Diablo World was not meet up with Akara and Kashya, but rather open up his Barbarian’s storage belt and glance through it. He was stoked; he found out that the small bag of winter wheat seeds he had put in the storage belt hadn’t disappeared.

That meant –

“I can actually bring items from the real world into the Diablo World!”

This discovery excited Fei. It meant that this didn’t only apply to the small bag of seeds.

He could bring any important items with him from the real world into the Diablo World.

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