Chapter 800: God Slayer (Part One)

“How did you discover me?” The young man in white frowned and asked.

The ethereal and celestial sensation was gone, and a murderous and violent energy replaced it. Fei wasn’t sure when, but this young man’s black hair slowly turned red, looking like a pool of thick blood. Also, his white robe was dyed by the greyish-golden blood, and it was tightly wrapped around his body.

The shocking thing was that the punch marks on his body were vivid as if something carved these marks into a stone statue carefully using a carving knife, and these marks were everywhere below his neck. In addition to the punch marks, Fei’s war hammer also left some shocking marks and injuries on this young man’s body.

All these external injuries turned this young man’s skin into a layer of meat paste, and the white bones could be seen through the wounds. Some of the bones were broken, and the sharp ends poked out of his body like the spikes on a hedgehog. It was a terrifying sight.

It was hard to believe that this young man was still not dead after being injured to this degree. The more shocking thing was that he punched back and sent Fei flying for very far like a ball.

“Hahahahahaha!” Fei laughed proudly as he staggered a little. Although he was severely injured as well, and a lot of blood dripped from his body, he was still in a better situation compared to his opponent.

While looking at that young man, an appreciating smile appeared on Fei’s face as if an artist were observing his own masterpiece.

“How did I discover you? Your story was perfect, and I didn’t discover anything. However, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious in this place. Even if you are the No.1 Disciple of Continental Martial Saint Maradona, I will beat you up and make you lose the ability to fight back. I’m more used to having everything in my control. However, as soon as I injected my energy into you, I knew that you aren’t Saviola. Your body composition isn’t human!”

“Oh, I see. You are a cunning human.” The young man in white nodded lightly.

“How should I call you? Saviola? Haha, or Demonic God Kluivert?” Fei sneered. He was sure that this young man in white was indeed that evil god of the Sea Tribe. Except for a god, no one in the [Sea of Fragrance] was able to fight back when the king was suppressing them.

“I’m one of the 72 Pillar Gods of the Sea Abyss, Mr. Kluivert.” Kluivert nodded and said with arrogant red lights flashing in his eyes, “I’m just using the body of that idiot named Saviola. A little human dared to say that he wants to slay a god. What a joke! Now, I possessed his body and used it to revive!”

Fei frowned and said, “So, the real Mr. Saviola had been here before?”

“That is right. That idiot was sent here by that damn Continental Martial Saint Maradona, and he arrived three days ago. He wanted to suppress me, but he is an arrogant idiot who is weak like a bug. Hahahaha! I killed him, merged with his body, and read his memories. I thought that I would be able to fool you with this body, but… Hahaha! It doesn’t matter. Since this game doesn’t work, we will play another game. I will use my full strength to kill you, hahaha!”

“I see!” Fei thought to himself and understood why this evil god just revived but knew a lot of things on the continent such as the current Continental Martial Saint Maradona and Saviola, his no.1 disciple.

“However, how come Continental Martial Saint Maradona knows that an evil god is appearing in the [Sea of Fragrance]? He sent his best disciple here to solve the situation, but it wasn’t effective, leading to the death of his own disciple. Huh… Something must have happened and caused Maradona to miscalculate,” Fei thought to himself.

If Fei weren’t wrong, the key was that princess of the Sea Tribe.

According to Fei’s discovery, that princess of the Sea Tribe used her own golden royal blood which contained godly power to speed up Evil God Kluivert’s revival process.

Therefore, Saviola got careless and died under the sea, giving his body to this evil god.

As Kluivert walked closer and closer to Fei, he targeted the king and said, “For tens of thousands of years, you are the second human who injured me. You should be proud.”

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