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Hail the King Chapter 800.2

Chapter 800: God Slayer (Part Two)

“Really?” Fei sneered and tried to recover as fast as he could. He already drank the potion which he had been holding in his mouth, and the medicinal effect already started to heal the injuries.

While that was going on, Fei asked without any sincerity, “So, should I thank you?”

“Human, pay attention to your tone. You are speaking to a god.”

Fei sneered again and replied, “God? Mr. God, how much strength do you have compared to your prime?”

Right now, the king already discovered something interesting.

“Anyone who dares to offend a god will be punished!” Fei’s ignorant tone already provoked Kluivert.

Kluivert lightly turned his neck, and his neckbone which didn’t completely shatter yet started to crackle.  Then, a strange bright grey light shone on his neck and moved downward, healing the terrifying injuries on Kluivert’s body in just a flash. All the blood was evaporated, and even his white robe was restored as it now fluttered in the air.

It was an insane ability of a god!

Fei’s sneak-attack now seemed useless.

Was this the power of a god? Just this insane recovery speed could make all the opponents feel desperate.

After Kluivert did all that, a mocking smile appeared on his face as he looked at Fei provokingly.

The smile on Fei’s face didn’t change. At this moment, the effect of the [Health Potion] was fully realized, and it got rid of that violent energy in Fei’s body and healed all the injuries as well.

This scene surprised Kluivert, and the mocking smile on his face froze for a second. Then, he said, “Interesting. You can heal the injuries left by a god? Human, you sure surprise me…”

Suddenly, he waved his hand and shot out a greyish-golden light beam without any warning, and this light beam dashed toward Fei with a destructive force. It was so fast that it was beyond the human reaction speed.

“A god is sneak-attacking?” A smile appeared on Fei’s face as he thought, “This shows that he isn’t too confident!”

The king didn’t try to take this strike head-on. Instead, he moved and dodged this light beam.

In the next second, he appeared behind Kluivert. Barbarians were the masters at close-range combat, so Fei’s best option was to get close to Kluivert and beat him.

The fists that were enveloped in golden energy flames tore space apart and dashed at this evil god.

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This space shook violently.

Fei shattered the figure in front of him, but no blood was spilled, and his fists didn’t touch anything tangible. While his fists penetrated this figure, a streak of deadly energy attacked Fei from behind. It turned out that Fei only struck an afterimage that was left by Kluivert due to his fast speed.

The real Kluivert already appeared behind Fei and attacked viciously.

One golden one grey, the two of them changed positions continuously and attacked with extreme speed. The violent energy waves expanded in all directions, and the beautiful scenery with green grass and vibrant trees dimmed and disappeared. Like a painting that was torn apart, the surroundings slowly changed back into that pitch-black godly palace.

Those giant stone pillars that had spiral patterns on them were still everywhere, and the floor was smooth like a mirror. All those trees that were broken in the illusion were these stone pillars.

For a moment, Fei and this evil god were well matched.

“Hahaha! Is this the strength of a so-called god? I’m disappointed,” Fei laughed and taunted his opponent. Right now, he was already confident in the situation. He had confirmed that this evil god only had a small portion of his strength and was far from his prime.

“How dare you offend a god? Die!”

Cold grey lights shot out of Kluivert’s eyes, and it felt like he was an ancient corpse. As he roared, he used all kinds of lethal and strange godly abilities, and his godly power continued to climb. He wanted to kill this damn human in front of him, but the reality shocked him. He felt like this human was experienced at battling with gods; his opponent was able to use his strength and avoid showing his weakness.

For a moment, Fei and Kluivert battled without an end in sight.

“I have less than ten percent of my true strength! If I’m fully revived, I can kill 50 ants like you with a finger! Damn it!” As a god, Kluivert was enraged by the fact that he couldn’t win this battle.

“If this is all the power you have, I’m going to be a god slayer today!” Fei roared as he was about to use some secret techniques.

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