Chapter 802: Success? (Part One)

The [Revival Altar] wasn’t that magnificent and mysterious. It looked like a basic stone altar that was about six meters tall, and the grey stone surface was full of marks left by time. The engravings on it already turned vague under the corrosion of time, and most of them were unclear to the human eye.

The top of the altar was the most terrifying part.

There was a complex blue magic array, and it was engraved at the top of the altar. To put it more accurately, it seemed like these blue lines and patterns were born with this altar, and they were moving. Like a heart, these engravings were expanding and contracting in a mystical rhythm, and it looked like a flower above the altar.

Only at a few split seconds, the thin and granular magic engravings would show themselves, and there were as many of these thin lines as the drops of water in the ocean. There was no way that Fei could tell which type of magic array this was.

Roars and colliding noises came from behind.

Fei turned around and took a good look.

Evil God Kluivert was slamming his body against the energy sphere around him like an imprisoned lion, and his energy spilled in all directions. However, he wasn’t able to break this light prison created by the God-Imprisonment Scroll that contained godly runes. Even his evil sword could only leave faint marks on the silver energy sphere.

The God-Imprisonment Scroll was the most advanced product of the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory, and it almost contained all the godly runes that Akara and Cain decrypted. Even though Kluivert was a real god, he wasn’t back at his prime, and he couldn’t break free from this light prison easily.

Since Kluivert couldn’t get out soon, Fei had time to focus all his attention onto the altar.

Fei moved his spirit energy that was made into many thin strands. Then, these strands were made into a net, and the king shifted it toward the mysterious magic array carefully. Fei had studied magic arrays from both Akara and Cain, and he also learned all kinds of magic arrays and magic principles that were popular in the Mythical Era from [Demon King’s Sword]. Therefore, he knew that all the magic arrays were created by simple magic pathings, even if the magic arrays were insanely complicated.

If Fei were able to figure out how a single magic pathing worked, he could solve the problem at hand.

However, since almost all the mages knew about this, the creators of the magic arrays would place protective traps or fake pathings in the magic arrays. This way, it was much more challenging to figure out the principles behind the magic arrays. If someone identified the incorrect pathing and triggered the magic array, death was unavoidable.

In most cases, the more complex a magic array was, the more protected it would be.

The reason why this [Revival Altar] was powerful and could grind away the energy in that seal which imprisoned Kluivert for thousands of years was due to this complex blue magic array. That alone showed how advanced and well-protected this magic array was.

Therefore, breaking this magic array would be a slow and tedious process for Fei.

Even if he weren’t bothered, about half a month was required for Fei to decode this god-tier magic array.

However, the God-Imprisonment Scroll couldn’t lock Kluivert in there for that long.

As soon as Kluivert broke that light prison, Fei would have to escape.

Fortunately for Fei, his mission wasn’t to decrypt this magic array. Instead, he had to destroy it. All he had to do was to break one small magic pathing in this array to stop it. Just like a well-calibrated machine, only pulling an important screw was enough to mess it up and make it stop working.

After five minutes passed, a joyous expression appeared on Fei’s face.

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