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Hail the King Chapter 803.1

Chapter 803: Mysterious Master (Part One)

Like a madman, Buckingham roared and attacked. Under the empowerment of the fire-elemental magic armor, Buckingham’s fire-elemental warrior energy reached a peak. Every time he thrust his spear forward, more than 20 high-level members of the Sea Tribe were pierced and turned into corpses.

Right now, the corpses of the members of the Sea Tribe already piled into many small mountains.

Buckingham was in a berserk state as only killing was on his mind. Even though the members of the Sea Tribe were attacking him from all directions like a flood, he had kept up and battled for more than half an hour, not letting any members of the Sea Tribe into the portal.

There were many injuries on his body, and various colored blood could be seen. Some of the blood was his, and some of the blood was from the members of the Sea Tribe. There were internal organs and flesh of the members of the Sea Tribe on his armor, and the blade of the sword by his waist already curled up as the sword itself was on the verge of shattering.

This was the most insane battle that Buckingham had ever been involved in!

Right now, Buckingham’s steps were unstable, and his vision was darkening. He felt like his arms weighed more than 1,000 kilograms, and his mouth and lips were extremely dry. In addition, he felt like a fire was burning in his chest, trying to ignite his body.

He had been battling underwater for more than 30 minutes now, and he almost couldn’t hold up anymore when he didn’t have enough supply of oxygen.

“King of Chambord! F*ck you! You damn b*stard! Are you done yet? If you don’t come out, I’m going to f*cking die here!” Buckingham cursed angrily.

He felt like his brain must be damaged, and that was the only explanation as to why he came to the deep sea with the King of Chambord and guarded this portal for this long after his mortal enemy asked him.

However, didn’t matter how dirty his curses were, he didn’t back off for one bit, even though he might be destroyed by all the high-level members of the Sea Tribe in the next second.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

His spear created many afterimages, and more than ten Six-Star Warriors of the Sea Tribe exploded. Broken limbs flowed in the water, and bloody water soaked Buckingham’s hair.

The last bit of oxygen in Buckingham’s body was supporting his battle, but he felt an immense amount of pain when his warrior energy traveled in his energy channels; this was the sign that he was fatigued.

Soon, his vision blurred, and a series of noises sounded.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!

It sounded like weapons pierced through armor and flesh.

The intense pain cleared Buckingham’s mind, and he quickly swung the spear and knocked away a Moon-Class Elite of the Sea Tribe, nailing the latter into the ground.

When Buckingham looked down, he saw four holes on his shoulders and abdomen, and blood was oozing out.

“Damn it! This time, this b*stard King Alexander is really messing me up! Damn! It looks like all heroes will die tragically!” Buckingham smiled bitterly and didn’t even have time to treat the bleeding wounds.

He pulled out the magic sword by his waist, rotated his body, and slashed out. A red energy wave shot out of the sword and killed more than a dozen members of the Sea Tribe who tried to sneak-attack him, cutting them into half.

When the battle got to this situation, Buckingham gave it his all. The potions that Fei gifted to him were all used, the spear had already left his hands, the sword was full of cracks, and the armor was almost shattered. However, the members of the Sea Tribe continued to charge toward him. It felt like there was an unlimited number of them, and there was no end to this battle. It made Buckingham feel desperate.

“It seems like that b*stard failed the mission, and he probably died in the hands of that evil god of the Sea Tribe…” Buckingham staggered.

Then, a spear suddenly pierced his thigh, and he gritted his teeth and chopped off the head of this member of the Sea Tribe.

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  1. Raniel Simone Son Bernados

    i wonder when he would train his other classes, the potential for multiple surprise attacks is really worth training them for.

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  3. LightK

    When will he use his Sun ability or lvl up his over character a mage is perfect for war or paladin even necromancer what about assasin to kill higher up and ranger for more focused fire so many wasted potential

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