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Hail the King Chapter 804.1

Chapter 804: Sudden Change (Part One)

When the god-tier magic array got destroyed, the beautiful blue patterns and magic engravings that were expanding and contracting finally disappeared. The [Revival Altar] which was six meters tall lost the power that was holding the stones together.

Boom! The altar instantly collapsed, and the giant stone pieces rolled down and revealed a small delicate white altar which was hidden underneath.

This small altar was white, and it looked like it was made from jade. It was less than one meter tall, and a holy sensation was coming off it. It was carved from one piece of precious god-tier jade, and the technique that was used to carve out this altar was delicate.

White light flashed around it, and the light felt gentle and loving like a mother’s hands, enough to heal all the injuries on one’s body. There was no violent energy around it, very different from that [Revival Altar].

However, the strands of white light around this altar were as thin as a strand of hair, and it seemed like they were inlaid right under the surface. Even though it seemed like the strands of white light were running wild, Fei felt like there was a profound pattern when he observed closer.

It was clear that these thin light strands were all the mystical laws of nature, but no energy was spilled. It seemed like the creator of this white altar was insanely powerful and had top-tier techniques. His or her control of energy and laws of nature were on another level.

However, it was noticeable that streaks of bright grey mists slowly leaked out on the edges of this white altar, and they quickly floated into the air and combined. When these streaks of grey mists rose to about 500 meters above the seabed, they formed one thick beam of grey light and pierced upward. The violent and murderous light beam broke the blue energy barrier, split open the seawater, and dashed into the sky!

It was that light beam which Fei saw on the surface of the ocean!

“This should be that [Thousand Year Seal] which had suppressed Kluivert’s body for thousands of years. It is indeed fascinating! Under this altar, there should be the real body of Kluivert, one of the 72 Pillar Gods! Eh, if Akara and Cain were here, they would look at this altar like perverts who are looking at a beautiful woman! Hahaha!”

How could an array which sealed a demonic god for thousands of years be ordinary?

Just like how Fei treated that god-tier magic array on the [Revival Altar], Fei first used a divvy crystal and his spirit energy to copy the entire magic array and document it. Then, he used a secret technique which was recorded in that mysterious purple scroll and observed this array that had been here for thousands of years.

Of course, instead of destroying it, Fei was trying to repair it.

Although Fei had already destroyed the [Revival Altar], the damage that the [Revival Altar] had done to this [Thousand Year Seal] was still there. If Fei couldn’t repair the damage, more and more grey mists would leak out, and Kluivert would still break free from the seal one day and reappeared in the world.

However, repairing a magic array was many times more difficult than destroying one. After all, repairing required real skill and understanding.

After looking at this white jade altar for a while, Fei knew that he couldn’t do it. It was heard that the entity who created this [Thousand Year Seal] was a god; how could Fei repair the work of a god with his current strength?

“It seems like I have to think of other ways.”

Fei turned around and looked at Kluivert who was still imprisoned inside the God-Imprisonment Scroll. Since Fei destroyed the [Revival Altar], Kluivert’s strength stopped growing that rapidly, and he lost his composure. Although this demonic god got angry and tried to break free, it was clear that the threat he posed decreased by a lot. He couldn’t get out of the light prison in a short time now.

This gave Fei enough time.

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