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Hail the King Chapter 805.1

Chapter 805: Seal Destroyed (Part One)

Anger instantly appeared in Fei’s mind.

The king raised his hand and blocked this big-headed man’s white energy, and he looked at this man in the eyes as he said while emphasizing each word, “Don’t try to act tough in front of me; I don’t care about where you are from. If you still can’t understand the situation and straighten your priorities, this evil god of the Sea Tribe will escape! By then, you can’t complete the task that Mr. Maradona gave you! What can you do then?”

“How… how do you know?” This big-headed man in white glared at Fei, and murderous light flashed in his triangular eyes.

Fei noticed that a sense of greed flashed in this man’s eyes when the latter looked at the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher]; it was clear that when this war hammer blocked the white sword energy without being damaged, this man recognized the magical property of this weapon and got greedy.

“Damn it! It seems like this man isn’t a good egg!” Fei instantly made the judgment in his mind.

He thought that this man was just short-tempered and anxious, thus misunderstanding the situation and had attacked him by accident.

However, now it seemed like it wasn’t the case. This master who suddenly appeared got greedy and wasn’t that simple of a person.

Just as Fei was about to move again, something unexpected happened.

Rumbling noises sounded, and the giant stones suddenly flew into the air and dashed at the big-headed man in white.

Evil God Kluivert had already re-condensed his giant evil sword, and he attacked like an angered beast.

“Hahaha! You are a little evil god of another race! How dare you try to move in front of me? Since you want to die, I will grant your wish! Hahaha! God-Slaying Sword! Go!” This big-headed young man in white laughed arrogantly and pointed out his finger without turning back.

A white sword energy shot out of his fingers and flew in the air before striking Kluivert even though this evil god attacked first.

The sword energy again chattered Kluivert’s giant evil sword that had bright grey light around it, and it also pierced through Kluivert’s chest, making more than half of his body disappear.

After Kluivert flew out and fell onto the ground, he no longer looked human. Even though bright grey energy that was filled with godly power gushed out of his broken body and tried to restore the body to its old form, it couldn’t be done in a short time.

“So powerful!” Fei was stunned. This mysterious master sure did have the strength to be arrogant.

This young man’s strength was beyond Fei’s imagination. In fact, he was the most powerful person that Fei had ever seen. Emperor Yassin who was said to be inferior to no one, the golden skeleton which was revived from around the Mythical Altar, Undead Mage Hazel Bank, the elders from the Shiye Shrine of the Northern Regional Church… these people were all powerful masters who dominated a region, but they were way too weak when compared to this young man who looked to be 30 years old.

Kluivert was a real god, one of the 72 Pillar Gods of the Sea Tribe. Even though his strength hadn’t fully recovered, Fei suspected that this mysterious man who just appeared could rival with Kluivert even if the latter were back at his prime.

“Is everyone from the Continental Martial Saint Mountain this powerful? Is he the Continental Martial Saint himself? No, he shouldn’t. When I mentioned Mr. Maradona, his expressed told me that he came here under Mr. Maradona’s order. He should only be one of the disciples there… Damn! This is insane! Only a disciple of the Continental Martial Saint is this powerful? Then, what about Mr. Maradona himself?” Fei was shocked to his core.

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  1. draghnof

    I hope the guy is just a friend of Maradonna and not one of his disciple and that fei is wrong about his power …..

    I don’t like the direction the plot is heading (or seems to)….

  2. Bbg55

    “The sword energy again chattered Kluivert’s giant evil sword that had bright grey light around it”, I think you guys messed up, shouldn’t it be ‘shattered’?

  3. Mal Halos

    Fei is starting to be outmatched bcuz hes only relying on the barbarian. if he stayed steady and leveled every class while staying low key. no one would be his opponent. i hope for the story sake that he invest into the other classes bcuz its too much of a waste for him to ignore

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