Chapter 806: Battle of the Gods (Part One)

“Oh f*ck! This idiot is powerful, but his brain is damaged! His brain is lacking! He is really becoming a wannabe!” Fei couldn’t stop this from happening, so he could only curse angrily.

“D’Alessandro! This big-headed idiot! Is his big head full of water? How can he actually release a real demonic god from the [Thousand Year Seal]? Even if this idiot is confident, what if Kluivert escapes right away after he comes out? If a god wants to run, how can humans block him?”

Seeing that the situation was heading in the wrong direction, Fei no longer wanted to stay here. After chugging down several bottles of [Full Rejuvenation Potion], he healed all the injuries on his body and got ready to escape. After all, he might die just staying here and watching these two madmen battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The foundation of the collapsed [Sacrificial Holy Palace] started to shake, and it seemed like something terrifying was about to break open the ground and get out.

Fei thought about something and flew into the air. While looking down, he observed the area carefully.

Right now, one of Kluivert’s vicious hands already stuck out of that deep hole in the middle of the palace, and it seemed like Kluivert was trying his best to get out of the ground. Giant cracks appeared on the ground, and this hole that was three meters in diameter started to increase in size quickly. In the end, a giant arm that was full of black-needle-like hair reached out of the hole.

Fei turned his head and saw big-headed D’Alessandro in white floating more than ten meters into the air. While sneering, he watched patiently and didn’t have the intention of stopping this at all. It seemed like this man did go crazy! He was going to release Evil God Kluivert and battle this god head-on!


An indescribable and terrifying power appeared, and all the dust and rocks within 1,000 meters started to slowly float into the air as if the gravity in the area were gone.

As loud rumbling noises sounded, the real evil god of the Sea Tribe finally broke the ground and reappeared in the world without the suppression of the [Thousand Year Seal].

A corrosive and deadly black energy appeared, and it locked down everything near Kluivert.

Then, this demonic god dashed into the sky; he was freed!

“Hahahahah! After more than 1,000 years, I’m finally free! Hahahahaha!” Roars instantly sounded above the collapsed [Sacrificial Holy Palace].

This most magnificent structure in this new city of the Sea Tribe which was still intact one hour ago now became ruins, and the staircase that had more than 60 steps became pieces of stone.

Standing among the mess, a giant beast-like creature that was more than 100 meters tall hammered his hairy chest with his fists and roared as loud as he could,

The black mists were created by some terrifying energy, and they contained godly power.

With Fei’s current eyesight, he could barely see that Evil God Kluivert was like a water ape. He had shiny black scales and two twisted horns on his head, and he had three eyes. The two eyes on the sides had four pupils in each of them, and the eye in the middle didn’t have a pupil, and only bright red light shout out of it. When this demonic god looked around, it was creepy.

Also, he was more than 100 meters tall, and his bulging muscles looked like they were carved out of stones. There were a lot of black dots all over his chest, and it seemed like they were burned out by coal. He had five fingers on each hand, and each finger was as lethal as a god-tier combat weapon. In addition, he had long black body hair, and a foul smell came off him as if he had been underground for too long, and he had already rotted.

Saviola’s body which Kluivert possessed only had the head and shoulders left. At this moment, a dash of bright grey energy instantly rushed back into Kluivert’s original body, and Saviola’s broken corpse turned grey and dried up.

During this entire process, D’Alessandro didn’t even look at his senior brother.

“Hahahaha! Great! Now, none of you can escape! The two humans who have humiliated me! Now, pay the price!” After stretching his body, Kluivert raised his head and laughed loudly. The sound waves instantly expanded in all directions and almost destroyed this ocean!

With a wave of his hand, Kluivert first attacked D’Alessandro.

Clearly, Kluivert hated this arrogant young man much more than Fei.

“Humph! Can’t you wait? I will suppress you and seal you again! I will send you back into your bottomless abyss! Hahaha!” Facing the attack of this demonic god, D’Alessandro wasn’t scared. Instead, he laughed crazily and didn’t move.

However, white sword energies appeared one after another out of nowhere, and they dashed toward Kluivert’s giant body. The power within these sword energies was enough to destroy the world!

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