Chapter 808: The Ending (Part One)

“God damn! I thought so! This big-headed b*stard is so arrogant since he has a powerful trump card! With a god-tier combat weapon in hand, he is able to rival a real god!” Fei cursed while gritting his teeth.

This was Fei’s first time seeing a god-tier combat weapon.

Before this, he had seen the [Sand of Earthly Anger] of the Jax Empire, the [Black Pearl Wand] of the St. Germain Empire, and the [Black Reef Staff] which Fei took from Bishop Senxi of the Red Sand Shrine of the Holy Church. These combat weapons were already very powerful, and they would allow low-level masters to kill enemies who were several levels above them.

Although there was only the one-word difference between god-tier combat weapons and semi-god-tier combat weapons, their powers were incomparable.

In front of god-tier combat weapons, semi-god-tier combat weapons were like tree branches; they couldn’t even be compared. In the legends, only the gods and demons could forge god-tier combat weapons.

In the stories told by traveling poets, a peak Burning Sun Lord could use a god-tier combat weapon and challenge real gods and demons.

Each of the god-tier combat weapons was a rare treasure, and even those super empires might not have them.

Right now, D’Alessandro had one god-tier combat weapon! Although it didn’t look good, the godly power that it was emitting told others that it wasn’t a fake. Just that godly power alone was enough to make others want to kneel in front of it.

Even though Fei and Buckingham were both protected by the [Throne of Chaos], their skin was in pain. As if giant mountains were placed on their backs, they felt like their internal organs were about to break.

“Huh? It looks like you are not happy. The best outcome for us is the human master winning the battle. Hehe, however, the situation where they both would be severely injured doesn’t seem likely! Your wish probably can’t come true!” Buckingham turned around and gloated when he saw Fei gritting his teeth.

Fei rubbed his chin and giggled, “That isn’t for sure. Never underestimate a god! These entities who had been around for tens of thousands of years might have powerful trump cards as well!”

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“God-tier combat weapon? Hahaha! I thought you have something even more powerful! It is only the fragment of a saint weapon, and it is no longer on the level of saint weapons. Human, you want to kill me with this? You are too naïve!”

Seeing the curly and rusty half-broken blade above D’Alessandro’s head, Evil God Kluivert of the Sea Tribe suddenly started to laugh after being stunned for a brief second. Instead of being scared, he laughed in excitement.

Blue, red, and black light appeared in Kluivert’s three eyes. Like three light beams, they pierced through the entire sea. The red beam landed on the curly half-broken blade, and it was full of suppression, slowly making the god-tier combat weapon quiet down.

D’Alessandro’s face changed color. He instantly injected his energy into this weapon, and waves of reddish-silver energy dashed out of the half-broken blade and cut through Kluivert’s suppression

“In front of my god-tier combat weapon, all struggles are useless! The so-called demonic god is nothing but a big bug!” D’Alessandro’s hands continued to create gestures as he tried his best to control this weapon.

A series of metal-colliding noises sounded from this god-tier combat weapon as if a god were grinding it, and the rusty red dots slowly disappeared from it. Then, brilliant silver light beams shot out of its body, making it look like a sun underwater.

Under the illumination, D’Alessandro looked like a real god. When he opened his eyes, two silver light beams dashed out. No human emotions could be seen in his eyes, and his entire body was showered in this godly silver light.

Under such power, Evil God Kluivert’s suppressive energy seemed to disperse as he could no longer open his blood-red vertical third eye.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under the power of the god-tier combat weapon, Kluivert couldn’t stand still and continued to stagger.

“Hahaha! You are a demonic god? So what? I’m going to slaughter a god and slay a demon!” D’Alessandro’s cold, machine-like voice sounded. After taking out the god-tier combat weapon, his strength skyrocketed. While being enveloped in the silver light, he spoke with no emotion, and his voice echoed in the sea, creating giant waves. All the stones, shells, and fossilized forests within 10,000 meters were turned into tiny particles.

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