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Hail the King Chapter 808.2

Chapter 808: The Ending (Part Two)

D’Alessandro was in complete control, and he laughed arrogantly. Suddenly, he turned his head and looked in one direction.

Two silver light beams dashed out of his eyes that contained no human emotions, and the laws of nature rippled under the godly power. Soon, Fei and Buckingham who were standing on the [Throne of Chaos] were revealed.

“Hahaha! Great! Two traitors are conspiring with the evil Sea Tribe! You haven’t escaped yet? Great! After I kill this evil god, I will take your lives! Hahaha! I will kill all threats to humans!”

D’Alessandro stared at the mystical throne under Fei and Buckingham’s feet, and a greedy expression appeared on his face. Without giving the two the chance to explain anything, he waved his hand and locked down the [Throne of Chaos], stopping Fei and Buckingham from escaping.

“Hey, Master, you got it wrong. We are not…” Buckingham was shocked, and he wanted to explain.

A cold sneer appeared on Fei’s face, and he waved his hand and said, “There is no need to explain anything. This big-headed b*stard is trying to kill us; he is just greedy over the few treasures on me. Humph! Such a poor excuse! Such a despicable act! Such a dirty personality! How can someone this nasty be so powerful? What kind of people are on the Continental Martial Saint Mountain? Hehe!”

Fei stayed still and didn’t try to control the [Throne of Chaos].

On the other side, Evil God Kluivert put away his arrogance and got serious.

Streaks of black mists gushed out of his body crazily, and his entire body was enveloped.

A power that was never shown before slowly appeared; it seemed like Kluivert used a secret technique and increased his strength by force.

“I will kill this evil god first to eliminate the risk immediately!” D’Alessandro decided after sensing the threat that Kluivert posed. Fei and Buckingham were like ants in D’Alessandro’s eyes, so he ignored them for now.

While D’Alessandro moved his hands, that half-broken blade above his head lightly shook and sent out a wave of light.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The seabed shattered under this powerful strength, and the hard seabed looked like a piece of paper at this moment. Then, lava started to gush out again, and it quickly cooled down and condensed into rocks in the cold seawater. These rocks were immediately turned into dust by the chaotic energies, and these small particles got mixed into the water and flowed around.

The power of a god-tier combat weapon was no joke!

Fei and Buckingham both gasped at this scene.

“Under this attack, even a god would be killed, right?” they thought to themselves.


“Hahaha! Poor human! So, you have no idea how to use a god-tier combat weapon properly? Too bad! Demonic God Armor! Demonic God Gauntlets! Demonic God Helmet! Demonic God Gloves!” It seemed like this evil god of the Sea Tribe discovered something.

As he roared, the black mists around him finally disappeared. His ugly body that was more than 100 meters tall transformed into a burly mid-aged man. This man was about two meters tall, and his skin was white. There were two horns on his forehead, a purple-fire symbol in between his eyebrows, and long purple hair on his head. The purple armor and protections covered his body, and the godly power circled him like purple iron chains.


He turned into a purple light and punched out.


D’Alessandro who had been controlling the god-tier combat weapon shouted in shock, and he was knocked away like a broken kite.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Purple lights flashed.

Evil God Kluivert got to his second form. Even though it felt like his strength didn’t change that much, he was able to completely suppress D’Alessandro who had a god-tier combat weapon.

Kluivert’s fists were enough to break the protection of the god-tier combat weapon, and his fists pierced through the silver sphere, landing on D’Alessandro’s body. Blood instantly gushed out of D’Alessandro’s mouth and nose, and he backed off continuously.

“Too ferocious! Too violent!” Buckingham gasped, “A master with a god-tier combat weapon is beaten this badly? Is this the power of a god?”

“No, it isn’t that the godly-tier combat weapon is too weak. It is just that it seems like D’Alessandro couldn’t completely control it. He doesn’t know the proper technique of controlling it! Hehe, so this guy is just a wannabe!” Fei had seen through the situation.

In this split second, the battle already came to an end.

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  2. OG

    Yea dallesandro is a total day I want him to regret.

  3. Stressed by a Mountain of Books

    A Wannabe!!! Lol

  4. goldenxman

    All the MC effort was wasted , It like the MC was drawing a melissa and a kindergarden scribble .

    • goldenxman

      All the MC effort was wasted , It like the MC was drawing a melissa and a kindergarden scribble on it .

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