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Hail the King Chapter 809.1

Chapter 809: Wipeout All Witnesses (Part One)


Evil God Kluivert punched out for the last time.

The purple metal gloves which were filled with vicious back hooks moved with Kluivert’s fists, and a thick beam of purple light shattered the energy sphere created by the god-tier combat weapon and pierced D’Alessandro’s chest.

This big-headed young man in white puked up mouthfuls of blood.

Tink! Tink! Tink!

A series of metal-colliding noises sounded underwater.

That half-broken blade above D’Alessandro’s head was harmed, and it almost fell out of D’Alessandro’s control. After being knocked away, it turned around and flew back in an arc. It barely made it back to D’Alessandro, but it lost its brilliance and crystal-like appearance. Those rusty dots reappeared.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

D’Alessandro punched out fiercely, knocking away Evil God Kluivert who was close.

The bloody hole in D’Alessandro’s chest was lethal; his heart was even visible.

His face instantly paled, and he coughed up blood repeated. While he staggered, the god-tier combat weapon above his head also dimmed down. It was clear that this blow was destructive to him.

Fortunately for him, he was no longer a mortal, and he wouldn’t die due to this injury.

“Now, poor human, do you understand the difference between a human and a god?”

Evil God Kluivert who was in his human form stood in the water above D’Alessandro, and the purple chains that were formed by laws of nature protected him well. Right now, he looked invincible, and D’Alessandro’s blood was still on his fists.

“Impossible! Impossible! How is this possible? Ahhhhh! You… you are only a low-tier Pillar God! Also, you had been suppressed for more than 1,000 years! How come you are still this powerful? No! You have armor on you… is it…” D’Alessandro’s expression darkened, and he realized that he made a huge mistake.

He had been arrogant and full of confidence, but he still couldn’t do anything to his opponent when all his trump cards were laid on the table. The worst thing was that he released this evil god of the Sea Tribe from the [Thousand Year Seal]. If he couldn’t kill this evil god, then he would become the one who had to take all the blame for the massacres that Kluivert was about to commit.

“Hahaha! You finally noticed? It is too late! Haha! This is the [Demonic God Armor] left by Demonic God Mr. Cruyff. Even when your half-broken blade was complete, it wouldn’t able to break the [Demonic God Armor], let alone right now. Arrogance, idiocy, scheming… It seems like all these dirty qualities are enlarged on you humans! Today, you showed them all!”

As Kluivert said that, he turned around and pointed at Fei and Buckingham before continuing with a mocking smile, “Hahahah! Although you are strong, your character and intelligence are inferior compared to those two bugs!”

“Puff!” D’Alessandro was so mad that he puked up another mouthful of blood.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

As if it sensed its owner’s anger, that half-broken blade started to shake, and waves of powerful energy appeared. As a tragic expression appeared on D’Alessandro’s face, a violent and unstable energy circulated in his body, and the natural elements around him started to get irritated. It seemed like they could explode in the next second.

This was the sign that a master was about to self-detonate.

Seeing this, Kluivert’s expression turned serious as he thought, “Damn! This human is much weaker than me, and he doesn’t know how to control the god-tier combat weapon. However, if he self-detonates, I would be injured. If he explodes the god-tier combat weapon as well, I will lose half of my life even if I’m wearing the [Demonic God Armor].”

After that thought flashed in his head, Kluivert instantly backed off and created a safe distance between him and D’Alessandro.

At this moment, a vicious smile appeared on D’Alessandro’s face.

A person like him treasured his own life too much; he would never self-detonate!

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  1. His face has paled about 10 times this fight, was he originally fully black or something?

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