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Hail the King Chapter 809.2

Chapter 809: Wipeout All Witnesses (Part Two)

He only acted as if he were about to self-detonate to scare off his opponent, buying his precious time to escape.

Seeing that his goal was met, D’Alessandro turned around and flew away without hesitation. However, before he flew far, he had one more thing to do.


He made a hand gesture, and the half-broken blade dashed toward Fei and Buckingham who were locked by his white energy flames.

He was going to wipe out all witnesses!

“These two bugs had witnessed what happened. If they go back to land safely, the news that I accidentally released this evil god of the Sea Tribe will be spread around the continent! By then, my name will be tarnished, and people will hate me! Also, my master Maradona won’t forgive me easily… Therefore, these two troublemakers must die!”

Also, D’Alessandro had another reason. He had noticed that this black-haired young man had a strange war hammer that even he couldn’t see through; perhaps it was also a god-tier combat weapon. In addition, he realized that the white throne these two people were standing on wasn’t ordinary as well.

These two items were all treasures that D’Alessandro desired. Therefore, killing these two weak warriors and taking these two high-level items was a good deal for D’Alessandro.

“Damn! Shameless…” Buckingham couldn’t dodge at all, but he didn’t know what else to say due to his anger.

“F*ck you!” Fei instantly cursed and tried to escape using the [Throne of Chaos]’s ability to travel through space. However, it was too late. D’Alessandro was already determined to kill, and the god-tier combat weapon wasn’t something that Fei could defend.

Buckingham closed his eyes and waited for his death; this Leonian already accepted this ending.

However, Fei wouldn’t do that.

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Although he also closed his eyes just like Buckingham, he was trying to summon the ‘bad guest’ that was in his body and wasn’t willing to move.

At this dangerous moment, it was the only thing that could turn this situation around.

In the next moment, that mysterious stone pillar shivered lightly.

Like a lazy b*stard who was woken up and stretching, the stone pillar didn’t unleash any shocking aura or fancy light.

However, that half-broken blade which was only a few centimeters away from Fei’s forehead instantly stopped.

Then, as if a mouse saw a cat, it instantly broke away from D’Alessandro’s control and dashed toward Kluivert without a choice in this situation.

“AH!” D’Alessandro screamed and paled as if someone snatched away his wife.

He didn’t know what happened, but he clearly sensed the fear coming from his god-tier combat weapon. His weapon was telling him that these two weak warriors had something more terrifying than this evil god of the Sea Tribe on them.


D’Alessandro was terrified, and he opened a crack in space which led to the void before dashing into it.

After a series of ripples appeared, both D’Alessandro and the crack disappeared.

Since he left in a hurry, he didn’t even have time to retrieve his god-tier combat weapon.

Fei heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed. Beside him, Buckingham was confused.

After this Leonian looked around and saw that D’Alessandro was gone, he collapsed onto the stairs of the [Throne of Chaos]. He knew that he escaped from his death, but he didn’t know how.

At this moment, Kluivert laughed, “Hahahah! Although it is only the fragment of a saint weapon, and it is a lot weaker, it is still useful to me! I will keep it!”

Right now, Kluivert realized what was going on and couldn’t stop D’Alessandro at all. But after seeing that half-broken blade flying toward him, he laughed loudly.

Without the control of its master, this god-tier combat weapon could be tamed by others. With Kluivert’s strength, he might be able to do it.

Getting a free treasure would be a pleasant surprise to anyone.

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