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Hail the King Chapter 81.2

Chapter 81.2: Little Black House



Two hours later.

Fei had cleaned out all the monster in the sewers easily with the strength of the level 20 Barbarian and killed the boss – 【Radament】, completing the first quest in 【Lut Gholein】. His Barbarian Character was very close to leveling up to level 21. He returned to 【Lut Gholein】 and got his reward – one 【Skill Point】. He thought for a while and converted some potions from the cold and mysterious voice. Then, he directly exited the Diablo World through the portal and re-appeared in King’s Palace.

The timing was perfect.

Coincidentally, the guards on the outside yelled to report that Warden Oleg was seeking permission to enter the palace. Fei sat back down on his throne, stretched his back and said, “Let him in.”

Quickly, Warden Oleg walked in humbly.

The fat flatterer kneeled to the ground and saluted sincerely. He then smiled fawningly and said, “Supreme King” Alexander, all the prisoners in the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon have been transferred to the new prison according to your command. Ms. Elena is still visiting Iron Prison – Water Dungeon…… Your loyal servant Oleg is here to report.”

“Eh, you did a good job, I’m very satisfied,” Fei smiled as he praised.

“All of this is what I should do. To serve Your Majesty is my greatest honour!” Warden Oleg bowed humbly. He flatteringly smiled, “Your Majesty, the new prison hasn’t been officially named. All your loyal subjects passionately wish for you to personally visit the new prison and give it an official name. It would be an honour for Chambord as a whole.”


Fei was intrigued by what Oleg said.

Due to his recent workload, he didn’t have time to go to the new prison that was built and expanded on top of the old healing facility. He wasn’t too sure how Oleg fixed and renovated it. In terms of naming the prison, Fei laughed as a great name appeared in his mind.

“This is your reward. After taking the potion, lead me to the new prison.” As he spoke, he gently pushed his palm, and half a bottle of 【Hulk Potion】 slowly flew towards Oleg. The potion shined a mysterious green light. This was the dose that Fei prepared for Oleg. It was tailored accordance with his own strength: not too much, not too little, just enough to stimulate all of the Warden’s potential.

“This is……”

Oleg was stunned.

Not even in his wildest dreams would he have thought that King Alexander’s reward was this half bottle of an unknown potion. From the faint green color, it looked like some kind of deadly poisonous potion…… But at this moment, Oleg demonstrated his cleverness as he figured out the king’s intentions. He didn’t even ask what potion this was; without any hesitation, he put on a trusting face, opened the bottle and chugged the green potion down his throat.

The next second, 【Hulk Potion】 came into effect.

An unprecedented painful sensation came from the deepest part of his body – every bit of bone marrow in his body started to heat up. Although the pain was tearing Oleg’s fat body apart, what surprised Fei was that this greedy Warden who was super afraid of death gritted his teeth and endured the severe pain throughout the body transformation; he didn’t even let out a single groan. Until the efficacy of the potion gradually diminished, he was covered in sweat, as if he just got out of a swimming pool. With a pale face and bite marks on his lips, he slowly recovered.

Such a hard and sturdy performance surprised Fei.

Unconsciously, his impression of the fat and bald warden improved quite a bit.

After feeling the great increase in strength and the huge change in the energy channels in his body, Oleg who was initially scared finally knew what kind of magical potion King Alexander rewarded him with. He kneeled down, opened his mouth and wanted to compliment him. However, the words and sentences that he was so familiar with got stuck in his mouth, and for some reason he couldn’t utter a word……

His mouth started twitching as a touching feeling bombarded his mind; he felt like crying. Oleg tried hard to hold it back, but ultimately he wasn’t able to stop it and cried out loud, “Your Majesty…… Thank you, Your Majesty……I…… To the God of War, Oleg…… Swear with a warrior’s dignity, pride and soul, that I shall stay absolutely loyal to the great King Alexander and never betray him……I……I know many people at Chambord look down on me……Although Bazzer desperately wanted to draw me to his side, I could tell that in his eyes, I was only a dog that had some value……Your Majesty, you have given me…… dignity…… dignity of a man……I……I……”

For a moment, Oleg was crying so hard that he couldn’t even speak.

This scene surprised Fei again.

“Human nature is so damn hard to predict……. However, hahahaha, so this flatterer Oleg has been influenced and touched by my great character? And wants to start a new life?”

Fei didn’t really acknowledge Oleg who was kneeling down faithfully and crying as he declared his loyalty. He sat on his throne, and narcissistic thoughts flooded his mind like a tsunami.


After about ten minutes.

Under the lead of Warden Oleg who was now very grateful, Fei arrived at the former Healing Facility on the west side of Chambord Castle.

This was the new prison of Chambord that Oleg constructed.

The exterior walls of the prison were made from firm white stones, with the stones piling up to four yards (m) high. Inside the wall, the original tattered healing facility had been turned into about a building with about two dozen cells. Every cell had good ventilation and light, and they were all warm, dry and comfortable to stay in. They were all sealed off by iron bars on the windows and a movable iron door. The sixty or so prisoners that were in the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon were transferred here.

The new prison looked completely white from a distance. The two dozen cells could only hold up to about two hundred prisoners; although it was significantly smaller than the water dungeon in the underground cave maze, it was enough for Chambord’s use. After Fei’s revamp of the prison, there weren’t many prisoners left. Plus, Fei’s command to reconstruct a new prison was just to deceive the public and find a reasonable excuse to completely seal up Iron Prison – Water Dungeon containing the underground cave maze. After all, there hid a secret that could turn the entire Azeroth Continent into madness – the Mythical Ruins.

Two ten yard (m) tall statues of two warriors resting their hands on swords stabbed into the ground stood in front of the gates of the new prison. The statues were vivid and looked very majestic. They weren’t made by Oleg; after hearing that the King was planning to build a new prison, the citizens were overjoyed and took the initiative to donate the funds to create them. The creators of the statues named them [Pillar of Justice] and [Pillar of Repentance], symbolizing the justice of the trials and prosecution, as well as hope for the prisoners to repent.

In between these two huge stone statues, there stood a big black rectangular stone. This was the place that Oleg prepared to write the prison’s name. At this time, the new prison was surrounded by numerous citizens. They were all waiting and looking forward to the King officially naming this new prison that symbolized forgiveness and mercy.

“My respectable subjects. I sincerely hope that not a single citizen from today onwards will end up locked behind these gates due to their choices and mistakes.”

Fei stood in front of the huge stone and said loudly.

He withdrew Oleg’s sword from the scabbard that was hanging on Oleg’s waist, flipped his wrist and started slashing on the stone. “Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!” With loud screeching noises, numerous stone chippings rustled off of the stone as many sparks emerged. Three words were deeply engraved into this extremely firm stone –

Little Black House!

“Little Black House…… Haha, this will be the name of the new prison. I promise all of you that from now on, anyone that is sent to Little Black House will be penalized and have the opportunity to repent. Their freedom may be temporarily stripped from them, but they will never lose their precious life here.”

Fei held onto the sword as he spoke loudly.

“Hail the king!”

“Long live King Alexander……”

“Merciful King Alexander, may the God of War bless you!”

Although they didn’t know what “Little Black House” meant, the crowd cheered on one after another in waves.

Such a scene was quite strange.

Originally, building a new prison wasn’t something to be celebrated by the citizens of a kingdom; after all, a prison wasn’t a mall. It represented the dark and dominant ruling from the upper class……But this time, due to the previous experience with the bloody cruel, hell-like Iron Prison – Water Dungeon, the new prison had a new and special meaning to every citizen in Chambord. From today on, they at least didn’t have to be timid and afraid of offending a noble or a high class citizen accidentally or negligently, and get locked up in the gloomy Iron Prison – Water Dungeon and lose their life. From what the king promised, the people had understood the underlying meaning. They once again confirmed to themselves that King Alexander was a gracious ruler.

Perhaps unprecedented prosperous days would arrive in Chambord once King Alexander would formally be crowned by the Zenit Empire’s Royal Canonization Legion in eight days.

The crowd was cheering wildly.

At this time, the Military Guru of Chambord Gordon-Brook squeezed his way past the crowd and rushed to Fei. He whispered something into Fei’s ear.

Fei’s expression suddenly changed.

“Finally here? Hehe, these motherf**kers, I’ve been waiting for them for a long time……”

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