Chapter 810: Martial Saint of Humans (Part One)

“Damn it!” Both Fei and Buckingham cursed.

If such a god-tier combat weapon fell into Evil Sea God Kluivert’s hands, then it would be an unimaginable disaster! This evil god was already invincible in Fei’s eyes. If he obtained a god-tier combat weapon like this, then it would be like adding a pair of wings to a mighty tiger. It would be much harder for human masters to kill him in the future.

However, Fei couldn’t stop Kluivert at this moment.

He tried to move that mysterious stone pillar in his body, but he got no response. Right now, Fei realized that this ‘unwelcome guest’ was very lazy, and it would only come to the rescue when Fei was in life-threatening danger. In other times, it would ignore Fei completely.

Until now, Fei still didn’t know where this mysterious pillar came from. Its power was insane since it lightly shivered and destroyed the attack of a god-tier combat weapon.

Since this pillar didn’t want to help, Fei didn’t have a way to stop Evil God Kluivert from getting this half-broken blade.

“Alexander, let’s escape. We can’t just die here for nothing. We have to spread the information and call over human masters to kill this evil god…” Buckingham knew that they couldn’t change anything, so he made a logical decision and suggested Fei.

“Escape? Let’s wait for a bit.” Fei shook his head.

Buckingham made it sound easy. First, their status probably wasn’t enough to summon human masters who were powerful enough to kill this evil god. Even if they somehow summoned enough people, the area around the [Sea of Fragrance] would still be covered in blood, and it would be too late.

-Further away-

“Hahaha, I have to thank that poor human! Not only did he free me from the seal, but he also gifted a god-tier combat weapon to me! Hahaha!”

Evil God Kluivert’s arrogant laughter resonated in the sea.

As he waved his hand, the purple chains that were formed by the laws of nature dashed out and coiled around this half-broken blade which was now not controlled by anyone. It didn’t matter how much this god-tier combat weapon struggled; it wasn’t able to get away from the purple chains which seemed indestructible. As a series of metal-colliding noises sounded, this god-tier combat weapon which was instinctively trying to get away was slowly pulled back.

These purple chains of laws of nature were like the extensions of this evil sea god’s arms, and they were agile and flexible. The purple chains lightly moved this half-broken blade, allowing Kluivert to observe it carefully.

During this entire process, Kluivert didn’t look at Fei and Buckingham.

However, Fei knew that they were being monitored by this entity closely.

Just when D’Alessandro escaped, it was the best opportunity for Fei and Buckingham to escape as well since Kluivert was taken by surprise. Now that this evil god had figured out the situation, it would be harder for them to escape. If Fei weren’t wrong, Kluivert would deal with them after taming the half-broken blade.

After all, Fei had given this evil god a headache before. However, Fei had his own reasons, and he couldn’t leave.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Clouds of dark-purple mists gushed out of Kluivert’s hands, enveloping the half-broken blade completely. As the dark-purple mists tumbled and turned, hissing noises sounded in the area. It was clear that Kluivert wanted to use his evil godly power to eliminate D’Alessandro’s energy inside this god-tier combat weapon. He was about to take this god-tier combat weapon as his own.

Obtaining such a weapon wasn’t an easy task for a low-level Pillar God such as Kluivert.

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