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Hail the King Chapter 810.2

Chapter 810: Martial Saint of Humans (Part Two)

Standing not too far away, Fei pondered and thought about the potential solutions to this situation. In his mind, if nothing else worked out, he would charge up and try to ‘commit suicide’ to summon that mysterious stone pillar. Perhaps he could activate that stone pillar if he placed himself in danger, but it might be too risky. If that mysterious stone pillar didn’t want to work, then he would really be dead.

However, in order to protect his loved ones and his citizens, Fei had to take the risk.

After making this decision, Fei was about to control the [Throne of Chaos] and dashed toward. At this moment, something unexpected happened.

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Buzz! Buzz!

The half-broken blade which had calmed down under Kluivert’s evil power suddenly started to struggle violently. Then, silver light brightened, and it pierced through the dark mists like a sword. Then, the entire space started to shiver. The purple chains made from laws of nature were cut, and blood shot into the air.

“Damn it! What is this?”

Evil God Kluivert held onto his left shoulder and shouted in pain. His left arm was cut off at the elbow, and his forearm and hand fell onto the ground while twitching. Bright grey blood gushed out of the wound, and the pain was so unbearable that Kluivert’s handsome face turned pale.

He tried his best to dodge the next attack, but another deep wound appeared on his body, revealing some of his bones. The [Demonic God Armor] which Kluivert claimed that even a saint weapon couldn’t break had many cracks on it, and the dark-purple energy was trying to restore it.

At the same time, a vague shadow appeared at Kluivert’s location.

That half-broken blade was now brilliant, and all the rusty dots disappeared. Like a piece of godly jade, it unleashed a level of power that even D’Alessandro didn’t showcase. However, this power wasn’t violent; it was powerful yet calm like a pond of water.

This vague shadow under the half-broken blade wasn’t tall. Instead, it seemed like this person was a bit short and chubby. His facial features were vague and couldn’t be seen clearly, but his thick black beard was prominent, and his white robe fluttered in the wind.

With his hands behind his back, he stood there quietly and calmly. Even though this was only a vague shadow, he had easily stolen the light around the area and became the center of everything.

“Who are you?”

Evil God Kluivert roared in a high-pitched voice. It was clear that he was angry, but he was too afraid to approach.

“The agreement between the gods and the demons has expired. Humans don’t want to get involved, but those who dare to kill humans shall be killed!” this vague figure stated calmly.

In the next moment, this vague figure merged with the half-broken blade, and this god-tier combat weapon suddenly broke through the water and flew toward the Continental Martial Saint Mountain which was in the Central Region of Azeroth. It seemed like this weapon obtained its own mind with light around it, and it instantly flew for hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

“You are the Martial Saint of Humans?” Kluivert shouted in surprise.

He had possessed the body of No.1 Disciple of the Continental Martial Saint, Saviola, so he read some of Saviola’s memory. After the initial shock of getting severely injured, he finally realized the situation and was shocked to his core.

“How could a human be this powerful?” he thought.

Fei and Buckingham who were further away were stunned as well.

“Is this the power of the Martial Saint of Humans? Controlling a god-tier combat weapon from more than one million kilometers away? Even an evil god is no match for his vague shadow? How powerful is he? But why didn’t he kill this evil god who poses a great threat to humans?”

However, there was no time for Fei to overthink.

The opportunity that Fei was waiting for appeared.

Controlling the [Throne of Chaos], Fei and Buckingham dashed toward Kluivert who was rattled.

Fei was very determined, but Buckingham was horrified.

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  2. Gaurav Shekhawat

    Hey can u guyess put the whole cultivation levels u guyess r using its just confusing .. i have read mangas and stuff but its always demigod god king and god kinda stuff .. low level pillar god or pseudo god i cant get the correct cultivation level of the story after sun class its just idont know which comes after which ..

    • Cynex

      From what i understand pseudo gods are a third party different from the gods and demons. God tier combat weapons are made by gods for gods. The low tier pillar stuff means that the the god in this chapteris probably on the weaker side of the 72 pillar gods. As to what faction the pillar gods belong to idk its either demons or pseudo gods. Anything that contain the key word “god” is beyond sun class a.k.a beyond mortals and humans.

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