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Hail the King Chapter 812.1

Chapter 812: Port City (Part One)

Even though Fei tried his best and almost died, the evil god of the Sea Tribe still broke out of the seal and appeared in the world. Although the process was complicated, the result was already determined.

The good thing was that this evil god of the Sea Tribe was severely injured several times, and his strength decreased drastically. It would be impossible for him to cause any issues in the short term. Before Kluivert recovered his power, the human empires around the [Sea of Fragrance] were still safe.

Except for stopping Kluivert, this trip to the bottom of the sea was also very beneficial to Fei.

For the first time, the king realized that there were higher realms above peak Burning Sun. This came as a huge shock to Fei.

It also brought up a critical issue that Fei was going to face soon.

After passing Hell Mode in Diablo World, it seemed like the power of his ‘golden finger’ would come to an end. How should he increase his strength afterward? If that were the end of his cultivation path, then he could never stand at the peak of the world.

Of course, seeing the impressive Continental Martial Saint Maradona was also one of the rewards that Fei received. Although it was only a quick glimpse at Maradona’s vague shadow, it was enough for Fei to understand that the humans had someone as powerful as the gods!

As the wind blew by, the sun was already setting on the horizon.

While sitting on the [Throne of Chaos] with his eyes closed, Fei continued to think back to the gains and losses of this adventure, as well as the effect that this evil god of the Sea Tribe was going to bring to the Azeroth Continent.

In three hours, Fei didn’t move or say anything; he just stayed there like a stone statue.

Four hours later, Fei opened his eyes again.

Confusion and uncertainty could no longer be seen in his bright eyes; he looked confident and determined again.

After slowly standing up and stretching, he exhaled deeply and said to Buckingham who was beside him with a smile, “Alright, let’s go.”

“Ah? Go where?”

“The Leon Empire! You already told me that you are going to help me find that mysterious master in a black cloak who planted that bloody skeleton inside your body.”

The [Throne of Chaos] turned into a dash of light and pierced through the water, disappearing into the distance.

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-Not long after Fei and Buckingham disappeared-

On the surface of the ocean that had many surging tides, a mysterious figure appeared in silence. This entity was tall and wearing a cloak. While staring at the direction where those two disappeared, two red flames appeared in this entity’s eye sockets.

“It is him! It is really him! This weak human got the inheritance of the King of Gods, and I still can’t kill him while borrowing others’ strengths. Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Without enough energy, I can’t recover my strength quickly! Damn! I’m no match for him right now, but I will kill him! One day! Hahaha! The inheritance of the Godly King is mine! It will always be mine! No one can rob it from me! Even if the entire world gets destroyed, I don’t care!”

Waves of spirit energy gushed out of the black cloak, and it dashed around like violent wind, creating even more giant waves.

“Right, they are heading toward the Leon Empire. Hehehe, it looks like I should go to the Leon Empire once more…”

After thinking for a while, this figure turned into a dash of light and headed toward the direction of the Leon Empire.

Soon after that mysterious figure in the black cloak disappeared, another huge wave rushed to the surface of the ocean from the bottom of the sea.

While being enveloped by golden energy flames, that princess of the Sea Tribe who had disappeared for a while stood on top of the wave and looked in the direction of the Leon Empire. Under the gold mask, murderous spirit and hatred shot out of her purple eyes.

“That damn conspirator! The Sea Tribe at the [Sea of Fragrance] was used! We lost a lot! The Capital City that had been preserved for thousands of years is destroyed, and millions of my citizens are killed. Even the god of our tribe got severely injured and disappeared. The continent today is even more dangerous than thousands of years ago. Has the world changed that much? Is the Sea Tribe no longer on the top of the ladder? I need to wake up the tribes at the other sea areas and persuade them! We need to use the force of the entire Sea Tribe to redeem our honor and glory!”

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