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Hail the King Chapter 812.2

Chapter 812: Port City (Part Two)

After this princess of the Sea Tribe thought back to what had happened, reflected on herself, and re-strategized, she divided the seawater and dashed back into the sea.

Then, no one else appeared on the sea surface.

The chilly wind was blowing under the gloomy sky, and the sea waves got higher and higher. As the black seawater continued to move around aggressively, some corpses of the vicious members of Sea Tribe floated to the top of the ocean, and it looked like a watery hell.

It seemed like a new and terrifying era had quietly begun.

-Ten days later, at a port city by the northern coastline of the Leon Empire.

Under the bright sunlight, a faint stinky mud smell permeated the air.

A lot of people were running around on the port, and loud shouts could be heard.

Tink! Tink! Tink! A lot of metal-colliding noises also resonated in the area.

Almost everyone was trying to repair broken ships, and a lot of workers were cleaning up the mud on the port under the supervision of soldiers. After observing the surroundings, it seemed like a giant flood ruined the city. Even the lighthouse which had been serving the area for more than 30 years got destroyed.

“Nine days ago, a giant tsunami which hadn’t been seen in 100 years crashed into Talon City. The waves were more than several hundred meters tall, and they almost instantly destroyed the port. The fishermen and the navy of the Leon Empire were severely harmed. Under the rough estimation, more than 10,000 people died in this tsunami, and the entire administrative system in the city is disabled right now.”

Buckingham came back and reported to Fei after he went around the city and got information.

The two of them only finished their journey on the ocean about ten minutes ago, finally getting to this port.

Under the free guide of Buckingham, they decided to come to the most northern city of Leon, Talon. According to Buckingham, this city was the commerce center of the northern region of Leon, and this was the biggest port of the empire. Various merchants came and went from this port, and it was convenient to get around; this was the best place to collect information.

After hearing the information from Buckingham, Fei fell silent.

It was clear that this giant tsunami which was rarely seen was caused by that insane battle at the bottom of the ocean.

More than ten days ago, D’Alessandro and Kluivert battled at the bottom of the sea, destroying that ancient city of the Sea Tribe and causing a lot of unintended consequences. Undercurrents were pushed around the sea. Although the power of the undercurrents was less than one-tenth as before when they reached the land, it was still devastating for the mortals who didn’t expect this.

In front of the natural disasters, ordinary humans were too powerless.

Talon City was hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from the center of the battle, yet it received such a devastating blow. If the same logic applied to the Byzantine Kingdom, then it must have suffered even more severe consequences. If King Constantine were unlucky, the brand-new navy of Byzantine might have got crushed.

Fei didn’t say much. He wandered around the port with Buckingham before going into the city and finding a nice hotel to stay.

After flying for close to ten days on the ocean, both Fei and Buckingham were fatigued even though they could be considered top-tier masters. Before they headed to the Capital of Leon, Fei decided to rest in Talon City for a day and get re-energized.

After entering his room, Fei lay on the bed and slept.

When the king opened his eyes, it was already evening. Right now, Buckingham wasn’t in the hotel and was nowhere to be found. Fei got some food, changed his outfit, and left the hotel quietly.

Talon City was indeed the No.1 Port City of the northern region of the Leon. Although the tsunami struck the port, the city soon went back to its usual busyness.

The streets were cleaned, and they were now bustling with pedestrians. Since the night market was about to open, the atmosphere was great, and it seemed like people had forgotten about the disaster.

By following people on the main street, Fei quickly went to the busiest region in the city.

When the sky darkened, the beauty of the magic civilization was demonstrated. Magic lights were everywhere, and the sky was even lit up.

The Leon Empire was a level 6 empire, and it wasn’t only based on top-tier masters and a powerful army. Even though Talon City was only a city in the northern region, it was almost on par with St. Petersburg. Except for the different dressing styles, almost everything else looked the same to the people who lived at the Capital of Zenit.

Soon, Fei stopped inside a large-scaled weapon store.

There was a giant black flag in front of the shop, and there was a giant dog with a pair of wings on its back. This image was strange to many people since it looked ugly and ominous, but Fei was very familiar with it.

This was the symbol for the local branches of the [Letter Office].

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