Chapter 813: Greetings, Master (Part One)

After more than one year of development, the [Letter Office] which was the intelligence network of the Chambord Kingdom had reached outside of the Zenit Empire. It had intelligence workers in all the countries within 500,000 kilometers of Zenit, and the Leon Empire which was the No.1 Enemy of Zenit was the key target for the [Letter Office].

Under the management of [Old Man] Zolasc, the local branches of the [Letter Office] had popped up everywhere in the big cities and military towns of Leon under the cover of proper businesses.

Fei entered this shop with curiosity.

The great hall was wide, and all kinds of weapons were hanging on the walls. Silver and chilly light flashed in the shop, and it looked majestic. This shop’s business was good; mercenaries, soldiers, and warriors came and went, and some merchants and young noblemen were also choosing weapons.

Fei walked to the [Sword Wall] and casually took off a thin and short sword.

This was a fast sword, and its body looked like a dash of silver light. The blade was already sharpened, and a chilly aura appeared after Fei wiped the blade with his fingers. It was clear that this sword was made by Blacksmith Charsi using the rare forging technique from the Diablo World. Although this sword wasn’t a combat weapon, it was still a precious weapon.

There were also other swords on the [Sword Wall], and they were also on this level. No wonder this shop was doing so well.

“Hello, are you looking for a sword for self-protection? What do you think of this one? Are you satisfied with it? If not, you can just tell us what you are looking for. Our shop has all kinds of weapons, and I’m sure that one of them will fit your taste.”

A fragrant and pretty figure appeared by Fei’s side.

She was a saleswoman who was in a dress that looked like a cheongsam. Her short red hair made her look refreshing, and her eyes, nose, and mouth were delicate. Although her chest wasn’t big, her figure was graceful under the emphasis of her uniform.

Right now, she was looking at Fei with a gentle smile.

Fei smiled back at her.

This type of uniform was designed by him in his free time, and the décor of the shop, as well as the hiring of young women as salespeople rather than burly blacksmiths, were all ideas he came up with when he was bored.

[Old Man] Zolasc was indeed a genius.

He had executed Fei’s seemingly strange ideas perfectly, and the returns generated by the businesses were great. The [Letter Office] was involved in many fields, but weaponry, magic crystals, banking, and food were the main industries. On top of disguising the real identity of these local branches, these shops also created a lot of wealth for the Chambord Kingdom. Another big thing was that the high-level magic crystals that Fei combined from low-level ones using Horadric Cube could be sold through these channels.

After placing the sword back onto the wall, Fei pretended to look around before saying in a half-jokingly tone, “Oh, I see. I want to buy the most expensive weapon in your shop. How much is it?”

He acted like someone who recently got a lot of money.

The smile on this red-haired girl’s face froze for a second, and she observed Fei in detail.

“Although this young man is handsome, especially his starry and mystical eyes, he doesn’t look rich. However, his tone is…” This saleswoman thought to herself.

Then, she frowned and explained patiently with the smile, “When you are picking a weapon, it is best to get the one that fits your strength and your habit. Each weapon has its own characteristics, and the best weapon is the one that fits you. Typically, the most expensive weapon isn’t the best weapon for you.”

She sounded caring, and no disdain or impatience could be sensed.

“Huh?” Fei was a little surprised.

He knew that the salespeople whom the [Letter Office] hired were paid uniquely. Since Fei brought over the business ideas from Earth, these salespeople were paid a base wage with a commission. Fei thought that this girl would be thrilled when he asked the question and would bring him to the most senior person here. Then, Fei would be able to reveal his identity to that person and ask for the news.

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