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Hail the King Chapter 813.2

Chapter 813: Greetings, Master (Part Two)

However, this girl’s direct reply surprised Fei a little.

“What is your name?” Fei grabbed a double-handed sword casually and knocked it with his finger as he asked.

This girl blushed a little; it seemed like the appropriate response after being asked this personal question by a handsome young man.

Seeing that Fei didn’t pay attention to her and was observing the sword, she quickly hid her embarrassment and replied, “Grace Ellen.”

After that, Ellen’s face burned again, and she thought, “What is happening? This never happened before. Why is my head fuzzy? When I look at this man’s bright and expressive eyes, my heart races on its own…”

“Grace Ellen? Nice name. Alright, Ellen, I want to see your manager. Is that possible?” Fei asked as he placed the double-handed sword back onto the wall.

“Eh…. This… you can,” Grace Ellen replied with a smile while acting calm.

However, she was quickly surprised by her own answer.

“Damn it! What are you saying, Ellen? Are you dumb? You should know how busy the manager is, and he doesn’t meet with ordinary customers!” Ellen thought to herself. She was planning to say no, but she somehow blurted that out; it was the opposite of what she wanted to say!

“Thanks a lot! Please lead the way,” Fei replied with a smile.

“Ah? This… that… ok…” Ellen murmured.

“Damn it! I’m done!” she thought as she pinched herself. She felt like she was under a spell and couldn’t refuse this handsome young man. Every time she was about to say no, something different came out of her mouth.

After walking past the busy crowd and climbing the stairs, they reached the fourth floor and stopped in front of a room in the center which had a large red door. While they were climbing up, Ellen felt like she was going to get fired, and all her co-workers were looking at her in surprise.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Please come in!” a dignified voice sounded from the inside.

Grace Ellen was about to cry. She lightly pushed open the door and led Fei inside.

She nodded at the white-haired senior who was sitting behind the desk which was placed before a floor-to-ceiling window and said nervously, “Manager Kane, this guest… he… he wants to see you.”

Manager Kane had whitish-silver hair, and he looked thin. However, he didn’t look old.

He was wearing a black suit which was popular in the Leon Empire, and he had a pair of gold-framed crystal glasses on his nose. He looked graceful yet energetic, seeming like a noble.

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However, his bright eyes behind the crystal glasses looked calculative.

Hearing Ellen’s words, he looked at Fei in surprise. Then, he looked back at Ellen who was blushing with her head lowered, and a trace of anger appeared on his face. However, he didn’t express his emotion.

With a bright smile, he waved his hand and signaled Ellen to leave before standing up and greeting Fei.

Then, he asked with a confused expression, “Sir, you are…”

In the [Letter Office], except for [Old Man] Zolasc and [Young Man] Modric, only a few top-level officials knew that the organization belonged to the Chambord Kingdom, and most of them didn’t know the big boss, Fei.

Although Kane was responsible for the business in Talon City, he didn’t know who Fei was.

Fei smiled and sat on the fancy Narra Wood chair on the other side of the desk, not saying a word.

However, his spirit energy already spread out and scanned the room.

At least six Moon-Class magic arrays were placed in the room, and there were two small teleportation arrays, two secret tunnels, and six Five-Star Warriors in the hidden compartment.

This room was very secure. Even if the official military of Leon came to siege this building, this setup would give Kane enough time to destroy all the documents before leaving this place using either the teleportation array or the secret tunnel.

The professionalism that the [Letter Office] achieved was beyond Fei’s estimations.

“Sir, why are you looking for me? Please speak.” Kane frowned slightly.

His intuition told him that this young man in front of him was powerful and dangerous. Therefore, he moved his right hand to his back and made a hand gesture. If anything went wrong in the next second, the magic arrays would be activated, and the warriors hidden in the compartment would attack.

Fei had noticed all this already. With a smile on his face, he opened his palm and revealed a delicate black token. It was made from pure [Black Stone Essence], and it was in the shape of a black dog. It was made by Blacksmith Charsi, and it was life-like, making others feel like it was alive.

“Ah, you are…” Kane was shocked.

After he carefully inspected the token and confirmed that it was authentic, he single-kneeled and said respectfully, “I’m Solomon Kane. Greetings, Master!”

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