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Hail the King Chapter 814.1

Chapter 814: Crimes Against Humanity (Part One)

There were four mysterious supreme tokens inside the [Letter Office].

The red dragon token represented the [Old Man], the blue dragon token represented the [Young Man], and the green dragon token represented the No.1 Master of the Organization, [Bloody Yellow Cape]. As a core member of the [Letter Office], Kane was fortunate enough to see all three of these tokens.

Only the creator of the organization and the mysterious ruler had a black dog token, and it had never appeared before. Kane thought that he would never get to meet this legendary ruler, but this man unexpectedly appeared in front of him today!

Kane didn’t know Fei’s real identity, and this handsome young man didn’t fit the image of the great ruler who created the organization in his mind. However, he knew that this token was real.

The person who held this token could command any member of the [Letter Office] and move all the organization’s resources.

“Please get up.” Fei waved his hand, and an invisible energy helped Kane get up from the ground.

Fei’s move stunned Kane. Kane was a Five-Star Mage, and he wasn’t a weak person. However, he felt extremely fragile in front of this invisible force, and he couldn’t fight back at all if this force attacked him. Therefore, he was surer of Fei’s identity as the ruler of the [Letter Office].

“Sir, why are you here today?”

“I’m just passing by and want to know if anything major happened on the Azeroth Continent.”

“Sir, the five regions of the continent fell into chaos about two month ago, and this is the era where all the empires battled against each other. Wars are happening everywhere, and even the super powerful empires are involved in this. Therefore, there are all kinds of big news. However, the most stunning news right now are some of the rumors that are being passed around.”

“Huh? Tell me about it.”

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“Yes, Sir! The first thing is that some of the merchant ships and fishermen who returned from the sea claimed that the Sea Tribe, one of the powerful races during the Mythical Era that had disappeared for more than 1,000 years, has returned! These people claimed that they saw the Sea Tribe in the [Sea of Fragrance]!  Also, a lot of traveling poets are also spreading the prophecies, claiming that this is the sign that real chaos is about to hit the continent! They said that on top of the Sea Tribe, all other races that had disappeared thousands of years ago will be returning, and they will fight with the current ruler of the continent, us humans, for the leader position!”

“Eh.” Fei nodded; he wasn’t too surprised since he knew that this news would get out sooner or later.

Kane continued, “About six or seven days ago, a powerful tsunami that had the scale which hadn’t been seen in hundreds of years occurred in the [Sea of Fragrance], and giant waves hit all the coastlines. All the towns and cities of the empires around the [Sea of Fragrance] suffered great damage. The only exception is the Byzantine Kingdom of the Zenit Empire that is close to the Storm Point Bay. Since the troops of the Leon Empire were attacking Byzantine, the Byzantinians moved north and avoided this natural disaster… A lot of people believe that the Sea Tribe caused this tsunami, and it is the provocation that the Sea Tribe issued toward us humans. Quite a few empires are trying to establish an alliance and declare war on the Sea Tribe.”

“Eh, I see. Please continue.”

“As you wish. The more shocking news is that Mr. D’Alessandro, the No.2 Disciple of Continental Martial Saint Maradona, suddenly appeared at the Capital of Leon five days ago, and he was severely injured. Here is the incredible thing; Mr. D’Alessandro stated that King Alexander of Chambord, the talented genius warrior of the Zenit Empire and the current Imperial Martial Saint of Zenit, has betrayed humans. Together with King Buckingham of Leon who got captured by him not long ago, they conspired with the Sea Tribe, killed Saviola who was the No.1 Disciple of Continental Martial Saint Maradona, and released an evil god of the Sea Tribe who was seal at the bottom of the sea. That was why D’Alessandro got so injured, and the humans who are living around the [Sea of Fragrance] are under great threat!”

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  1. Faceman

    And how the hell did he learn their names? I don’t remember them introducing each other.

    • LOL, probably learned it before since Fei knew who the No.1 Disciple of the Continental Martial Saint was beforehand as well.

      • Nuex Mark

        nope that no.1 disciple was possesed by the evil god obtaining his memories and told fei that he’s the no.1 desciple of maradona..

    • Mercenary

      nice move

  2. hijichikan

    This mother f----r

  3. Tlaos

    I’m still confused how no.1 lost to no.2 in terms of capabilities….the guy was a sea God yea, but he was sealed…but number 2 was able to last longer and stronger??(presumably) because he held out and at least didn’t get his body snatched… WTF author. I thought this story was rebounding for better in terms of logic at least …but I it’s spiraling down

    • Mal Halos

      The sea God said he sneak attacked him Bcuz he was stupid. It sounds like the no.1 disciple let his guard down

  4. goldenxman

    No.1 was even more arrogant, he never bothered summoning his weapon.

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