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Hail the King Chapter 815.1

Chapter 815: Rumor Is Like A Seed (Part One)

This D’Alessandro sure didn’t deserve to be a disciple of the Continental Martial Saint. Even though he was of high status, he used shameless lies and rumors to push off his crime and whitewash himself. Since he was the No.2 Disciple of Continental Martial Saint Maradona, almost everyone believed his claims. Even if Fei and Buckingham came out and stated the truth, how many people on the continent would believe them?

Also, Fei remembered that this despicable man was greedy over his [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] and the [Throne of Chaos]. The greedy expression on D’Alessandro’s face was clear to Fei, and it felt like a hungry mouse was looking a big piece of cheese.

His tactics were cruel.

Fei stood before the giant window and thought carefully.

For a moment, it was tranquil inside the room, and Kane stood there in the room and didn’t dare to make any noises. While Fei was thinking, he subconsciously emitted a powerful aura that only belonged to a dominant ruler, making Kane shiver a little. He was very proud of himself, and he never imagined that he would one day be so nervous in front of a man who was more than 30 years younger than him.

After more than ten minutes, Fei slowly turned around.

“Inform all other branches of the [Letter Office] and tell them to spread the news that D’Alessandro is lying. The person who released that evil god of the Sea Tribe was him, and the King of Chambord and King Buckingham were the two heroes who tried their best to stop that evil god from coming out!”


Kane was surprised that this young man in front of him would make such an order.

To be honest, he was a little hesitant at this order. Right now, the people who resided around the [Sea of Fragrance] were stirred up, and they wanted to capture the King of Chambord and King Buckingham who were the two ‘criminals’. If they chose to go against the public, it was not different from pouring oil onto a burning fire. The [Letter Office] would instantly become the target for the angry crowd, and it would suffer huge losses.

Fei smiled when he saw the puzzled look on Kane’s face.

“I know what you are worried about. When spreading this information, there is no need to declare your identity. Things like rumors are like wild plants. Once you plant the seeds, they will quickly grow and mature. Just let [Old Man] manage this.”

Kane instantly blushed and thought, “What is going on with me today? I didn’t even see through such a basic concept. I acted this way in front of the real ruler of the organization, and it is bad!”

After thinking about this, he quickly nodded and accepted it.

After thinking for a while, Fei added, “Also, when spreading the information, say that the evil god of the Sea Tribe is already severely injured by the King of Chambord and King Buckingham using an ancient array at the bottom of the sea. For a short time, this evil god won’t cause any trouble for the humans!”

Kane froze for a second before asking, “This… is it true?”

“Hahahaha! Of course! Didn’t D’Alessandro say that the evil god of the Sea Tribe got released and will quickly kill the humans around the [Sea of Fragrance]? Hehehe, then, let’s see if Evil God Kluivert will show himself. By then, the smart ones will know who is lying.”

Right now, Fei had calmed down from the initial shock.

Even if the [Letter Office] spread this news, it wouldn’t instantly clear Fei and Buckingham’s reputations. However, it would plant seeds in people’s minds, and these seeds would one day be very useful.

Also, Fei was very sensitive and noticed one fundamental weakness in D’Alessandro’s story.

After D’Alessandro escaped in a hurry, he didn’t see what happened next. Therefore, he had no idea that his master, the most powerful human on the continent, cast his shadow and injured Kluivert before taking back that god-tier combat weapon. Also, he didn’t know that Kluivert lost both of his arms and was severely injured, and he couldn’t recover in a short time and cause massacres.

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    Even though Fei’s angry, he still manages to calm down and find a solution using logic and wits. That’s why I like this MC so much.

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