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Hail the King Chapter 816.1

Chapter 816: Provoker (Part One)

“Uh… Ellen has been performing great in the shop, and I was thinking about giving her a promotion. However, bringing a customer to the manager’s office is strictly against the rules of the organization, and she should be punished according to the code written by Mr. [Old Man].” As the head manager of this shop, Kane upheld the principle even though he was facing the mysterious ruler.

Fei nodded in satisfaction, and his impression of this manager improved even more.

Since he had already expressed his intentions, a smart person like Kane understood it, and he would execute it well. The principles couldn’t be broken without punishment, but Grace Ellen was going to be rewarded as well. It seemed like after a small penalty for her mistake, she was going to be promoted.

-In the grand hall on the first floor-

It was late into the night, and Talon City’s night market had reached its peak. The magic lights made it seem like daytime, and more people were on the street. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that people’s elbows and shoulders were rubbing against each other tightly.

Right now, this weapon shop got to its busiest hour.

While Grace Ellen introduced various weapons to the potential customers half-heartedly, she was thinking back to that mysterious and handsome young man. Even though they met briefly, that young man’s figure was already sealed into this girl’s heart.

As she turned around and looked at the stairs repeatedly, she thought to herself, “More than 40 minutes have passed. What is that handsome young man talking with the Manager about? It has been so long already!”

Ellen felt like that young man had magical powers. His starry eyes and bright smile were enough to make any inexperienced girl fall for him.

Ellen had already fallen deep into the ‘trap’ in such a short time.

From a little beggar who lived on the street and couldn’t even eat food regularly, she had become the best saleswoman in the most popular weapon shop in Talon City. Perhaps this transformation was nothing in others’ eyes, but it was life-changing to Ellen. Her poor and low-class life when she was younger somehow gave her an ultra-sharp instinct, and this instinct allowed her to judge and sense strangers accurately during the first encounter. It was this instinct that allowed her to capture the potential customers’ needs and successfully bring them to the correct weapons.

But today, her sharp instinct made her sense the ethereal and celestial aura of that young man, and she fell for that man’s presence.

As an old employee of the shop, she knew her action of bringing that handsome young man to the Manager broke the rules, and she was going to be fined accordingly. However, she didn’t regret doing so at all. If she went back in time and could get the chance to decide again, she would still choose to bring that handsome young man onto the fourth floor.

Perhaps everything was determined by fate.

Just as Grace Ellen was feeling unsettled, a series of loud and chaotic shouts sounded from the direction of the gate. Then, one of her female co-workers gasped.

While the people who were looking at the weapons in the shop all walked to the two sides, more than a dozen warriors in red light armor already charged in and kicked a saleswoman to the ground. Then, they started to curse and smash around.

Behind these warriors, there was a thin and bald old man, a muscular man who was more than two meters tall, and a few military officials in uniforms.

“Them again? They are pushing it too far! They are here to cause trouble again!”

Grace Ellen was looking at that thin and bald old man. He was Glazer, the owner of another large-scale weapon shop.

One year ago, Glazer’s business, [Blade-Washing Shop], was the largest weapon seller in Talon City, and Glazer was one of the most influential figures in the city as a result. However, this man was vicious and greedy, so his shop had a lot of shady practices and cheated and bullied the customers.

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