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Hail the King Chapter 816.2

Chapter 816: Provoker (Part Two)

Soon after, [Cauldron-Casting Shop] that was supported by the [Letter Office] came to Talon City. The superior service, top-tier quality, and fair prices instantly allowed this new shop to gain popularity quickly. In just a short time, it surpassed [Blade-Washing Shop] and became the No.1 Weapon Shop in Talon City.

Of course, old fox Glazer was jealous and envious over this. He had been operating in Talon City for many years, and he wasn’t willing to be squeezed down by this new force. Therefore, he used many methods to affect [Cauldron-Casting Shop]’s business, and the new shop lost a lot of revenue. In fact, even a few employees were injured during the process.

However, the people of [Blade-Washing Shop] still came here aggressively; it was clear that they were up to no good.

“Nina! Go and get Manager Kane!”

Grace Ellen quickly said to one of her co-workers who was in a state of panic. Then, she gritted her teeth, suppressed her fear, and walked toward those warriors who were smashing the shop forcefully.

She wanted to delay and possibly stop these fierce warriors before Manager Kane got here.

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After about 40 minutes, Fei already got all the information that he needed.

Just as Fei was about to get up and leave after declining Kane’s offers of accommodations, a series of footsteps sounded outside the door, and a series of rushed knocking came next.

Before Kane could tell the person outside the door to come in, a girl who was in the store uniform rushed in while panting. Her face was round like an apple, and some cute freckles could be seen on her face.

“Kane… Manager Kane, please come down! That… That old fox Glazer is here to cause trouble again! Some of our people are injured…” This girl with freckles said in panic.

Kane frowned and cursed in his mind, “What the f*ck is going on? So many things are happening.”

However, he didn’t dare to make any decisions while Fei was here, and he looked at Fei with an awkward expression.

“Huh? It seems like we have quite a lot of enemies. Let’s go and look. Who dares to cause trouble here?” Fei smiled and walked downstairs.

Kane heaved a sigh of relief, wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead, and walked behind Fei.

When he was with this young ruler, he was sensing an enormous pressure all the time; he never felt this way when he was facing the two legendary leaders, [Old Man] and [Young Man].

“However, since the ruler is here today, we might be able to solve the issue with Glazer who is a sly and vicious fox, eliminating one of the headaches of [Cauldron-Casting Shop] once for all!”

That round-faced girl with freckles followed behind them quietly, and she was wondering why Manager Kane who was quite powerful in the city was so respectful and a bit fearful toward this handsome young man.

Soon, the three of them came to the first floor.

While they were walking down the stairs, Kane used the most concise words to tell Fei the entire story.

Right now, the grand hall on the first floor was packed with people, and most of them were curious customers who wanted to see drama. Since most of them were fearless warriors, they didn’t mind the bloody fight scenes. Also, they all heard about the direct and hidden fights between [Blade-Wash Shop] and [Cauldron-Casting Shop], so they gathered here to watch the show.

In fact, even the street outside the shop was filled with people.


Right after the slap, a girl screamed in pain, and an arrogant shout sounded, “You are just a dirty worker! How dare you stand in front of me and talk? F*ck off! Tell that damn old Kane to get out here! You guys, don’t just stand there. Smash everything! Let everyone see what kind of trash that [Cauldron-Casting Shop] is selling!”

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