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Hail the King Chapter 817.1

Chapter 817: One Glance (Part One)

Fei’s eyelids twitched violently.

This was one of Fei’s habits, and it would occur subconsciously when the king was mad.

That’s right! Fei was enraged at the moment.

He could tell that the girl who got slapped was Grace Ellen, the talented saleswoman who led him upstairs. This red short-haired girl who was direct and kind like an elf left a good impression in Fei’s mind. However, before he could thank her, she got attacked, and her face swelled.

After making a path through the crowd, Fei and Kane walked to the center of the confrontation.

“Quickly move! The big figure is here! Do you see him? That white-haired old man? He is the manager of [Cauldron-Casting Shop], Solomon Kane. It is rumored that he is a Five-Star Mage. He isn’t someone who should be messed with. This time, we are in for a treat…”

“Hey, even Kane can’t do anything. This time, this old fox Glazer came prepared. He came in and ordered his men to smash the shop. It is clear that something else is happening. It seems like [Cauldron-Casting Shop] is going to lose a lot this time. Perhaps it has to close the store in Talon City.”

“Yeah. Do you see those sneering military officers behind Glazer? They are the henchmen of the Castellan! They are here to back Glazer! It seems like the Castellan is on the side of [Blade-Washing Shop].”

“What do you know? This old fox was cheating all the shoppers and doing shady stuff. Without consent from the Castellan, do you think he dares to do so? After all, he is only Castellan Henry’s dog. Ever since [Cauldron-Casting Shop] took [Blade-Washing Shop]’s business, the Castellan has been enduring it. Now, it seems like he is going to…”

“Huh? Who is that young man in white? Why can’t I see his face? Something is blocking my vision. However, it seems like he is of high status based on how Kane is treating him. Where is he from? Could he be [Cauldron-Casting Shop]’s reinforcement?”

“His is too young! What can he do? Even if a god is here, [Cauldron-Casting Shop] can’t flip the situation around.”

“Ah, such a pity. The saleswomen of [Cauldron-Casting Shop] are all young and beautiful. After [Cauldron-Casting Shop] closes, old fox Glazer probably won’t let them go and will ruin them one by one…”

The crowd murmured to themselves.

Among them, there were quite a few hooligans who had stayed in Talon City for many years, and they understood the entire situation. They could tell that old fox Glazer endured [Cauldron-Casting Shop] for so long and finally attacked, meaning that the latter was well prepared. Unless a miracle took place today, [Cauldron-Casting Shop] would be in big trouble.

-In the middle of the confrontation-

Four saleswomen were knocked to the ground, and they were surrounded by the warriors in red who were sneering.

Several shocking red handprints were on Grace Ellen’s white cheeks, and her face was swollen. Even though several streaks of blood slid down her face, she was still stubborn and opened her arms, protecting other girls behind her as she stared at the old and bald Glazer who was laughing arrogantly.

As soon as Fei arrived downstairs, he used the laws of nature to blur the space around his face. This way, no one below the realm of Sun-Class would be able to see his face. By doing this, Fei wouldn’t bring trouble to the [Letter Office]. After all, most people believed that Fei committed a crime against humanity. If someone discovered the connection between him and the [Letter Office], then all the proper businesses of the [Letter Office] would be smashed and robbed. Even though Fei was in another world different from Earth, it didn’t lack riots and protests.

After signaling Manager Kane to deal with the situation, Fei walked toward the girls who were surrounded by the warriors in red armor.

“Hey, stop! Who the f*ck are you? F--k off! Damn it! Ouch! Do you want to die?”

Three warriors saw Fei walking over and wanted to stop him by attacking him instinctively. However, as soon as they punched, they were knocked back and rolled on the ground. It seemed like this young man in white had a layer of bouncy protection around him.

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    I must say that the author must really love redheads, because all the beautiful women near the MC are redheads. I like it

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