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Hail the King Chapter 817.2

Chapter 817: One Glance (Part Two)

The four girls who were crying behind Grace Ellen were shivering on the ground. Even though they were angry, they were all girls from ordinary families and never experienced such hard confrontations. Therefore, they were too terrified to do anything. Only Ellen who was brave suppressed her fear and protected her friends with her thin arms even though she was shivering herself.

Right now, the girls looked like fragile birds who were caught in a massive storm, making others feel bad for them.

“Does it still hurt?” Fei sighed and squatted down before helping these girls to get up one by one. When he saw the clear red handprints on Ellen’s face, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. The person who attacked her was merciless, and her smooth and cute face was almost deformed after being hit.

Ellen looked up at Fei with a blank expression.

After a few seconds, this girl finally came back to her senses after the laws of nature that were blurring Fei’s face toned down a little toward her. She saw Fei’s face and starry eyes, and Fei’s expression and tone were caring and gentle.

“Ah, it is you…” Ellen finally recognized Fei.

However, the few words she said pulled on the swollen parts of her face. The pain made her cry subconsciously, and she couldn’t speak anymore.

Fei signaled her and told her not to speak. Then, he placed his hands on this girl’s cheek, and a streak of golden energy appeared on his hands and glided by.

Ellen instantly gasped and looked at Fei in shock.

She clearly sensed a streak of cool and refreshing energy, and her cheeks that were numb from the pain suddenly returned to normal.

“Who hit you?” Fei asked after pulling back his hands.

“Ah… you… you… It is ok, you need to go. What is happening here isn’t relevant to you.” As if she suddenly thought of something, Ellen quickly tried to get Fei to leave. She was smart and knew that this was a huge trouble for [Cauldron-Casting Shop]. Since that old fox Glazer decided to smash the shop in daylight, then he was prepared. It was hard to say if [Cauldron-Casting Shop] could last through this, so she didn’t Fei to get involved and be punished.

Of course, Fei knew what was happening in this girl’s mind. After sighing in his mind, he smiled and asked in his gentle voice, “It is ok; don’t be scared. You just have to tell me who hit you.”

“It is me! What? Kid, do you want to be a hero and save the beauties? You won’t even know how you are going to die!” A loud voice sounded from the side.

Those warriors in red rolled on the ground and finally got up, and they quickly gathered around a young man who was in a fancy red silk robe.

This young man was handsome, but his aquiline nose didn’t fit his other facial features and destroyed his presence. Also, his small eyes made others feel like he was vicious and cunning.

However, he wasn’t weak. A surge of energy flowed inside his body, and it seemed like he was at least a Five-Star Warrior.

The person who just spoke was this young man.

“It was him?” Fei asked Ellen.

This elf-like girl looked at Fei earnestly. Then, as if she understood something, she nodded firmly.

“Hahaha! Yuck! I already told you that it was me! Kid, where are you from? Do you want to protect a dirty maid-like girl? Hahaha! I think you are seeking death! Hahaha! I will give you an opportunity! Use your most powerful strike! Let me see how you… Ah!… You?”

Just as this young man was taunting Fei, he suddenly saw that his opponent turned around and stared at him. Even though that young man in white didn’t attack, a vast amount of energy rushed over and forced all the words that he was about to say back into his stomach. Before he could use his Five-Star earth-elemental warrior energy which brought him pride, his legs turned to jelly, and he kneeled onto the ground.

Then, a series of crackling noises sounded from his knees as if something broke.

A series of gasped sounded from the crowd.

“You… You… Who are you?” This young man with the aquiline nose propped himself up from the ground with his arms, and he unleashed all his energy and was barely able to look up at Fei.

“How powerful is he? Just one glance made me kneel, and I can’t even fight back as a Five-Star Warrior,” he thought to himself.

Too powerful!


Absolute Master!

At this moment, all the arrogance in this young man’s head disappeared, and the only emotion that he could feel was fear. He knew that he ran into one of those unparalleled masters who were rarely seen on the continent.

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